Lose that fat!

We are challenging the age old ‘under arm pit fat’ paranoia here today!

Otherwise known as the batwing, this area makes many brides feel weak at the knees. For many ladies, this issue of arm pit spillage is as frightening as those recurring dreams you have of falling off a cliff.

First things first, you are not alone. This is something every girl has experienced in one dress or another.

The good news? It is all the dress’ fault.

No matter how large or small you are, if your dress is ill fitting at this crucial spot, you may end up with the overflowing arm pit blubber. Yikes!

When you’re shopping for a dress, make sure you find one that is cut appropriately for your shape. This doesn’t even mean you can’t wear a strapless dress. Just be aware of where it sits across your bust and under your arms. Also make sure that you are wearing a great fitting bra. This can alter the position of your breasts and lift the fat that sits under your arms.

Remember too that you are going to try on some bad dresses. Those little issues you normally don’t mind may seem a lot bigger in a wedding dress. Stay cool. Not every dress will suit everyone, so don’t listen to that little voice in your ear.

The truth is, you’re probably the only person who will notice this area. Don’t invest too much time pondering over what to do if you’ve found an otherwise perfect dress. Contact your designer, dressmaker or a great alterations place. They may be able to help you with come up with ways to minimising the focus on this area.

Posing in photos also plays a huge part in how your dress looks and where it accentuates all the right (or wrong curves). Learn how to pose with your arms resting on your hips. Make sure that you are not pushing against your underarm or breasts as this will draw attention to the area. Beyonce is the queen of this, so consider looking at some of her pictures and imitate away!

And if after all that you’re still worried? Wearing a little bolero or cape that can make all the difference in covering those areas you are feeling funny about.

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