Over the years, I have witnessed and published hundreds of first kisses. Some are magical moments that capture romance and passion and some are cheesier than a cheap takeaway pizza.

When your wedding photographer snaps your first kiss, you want it to be a picture that you’ll enlarge, frame and hang over the mantelpiece. So how can you make sure it looks like the cover of a Nicholas Sparks novel and not like a horror film (stop eating her face you immaculately dressed zombie!)?

We sat down with photographer and founder of Liv Style Photography, Liv Corbett to chat through some of the biggest mistakes the bride and groom make when they have their first kiss. Use this guide as your ‘what not to do’ on the wedding day and pucker up!

1. The groom misses the memo

Liv Corbett: This happens when the happy couple haven’t discussed what type of kiss they’ll be doing after they say ‘I do’. The bride goes in for an intimate peck, but the groom gets a little over zealous and dives in. The bride’s caught off guard and jerks away and the groom misses the lips completely.  The happy couple are so stunned they don’t even know what to do with their arms.

2. The newlyweds get stage fright

Liv Corbett: This kiss-fail happens when the hubby goes in for the peck, but the bride gets camera shy and offers her new man a cheek. The moment is made even more awkward as the couple try and rectify the situation with a hug and pat on the back. This is a huge mood killer and is a big no-no. You’re legally married, so technically you can lock lips without fear of Grandma have a conniption.

3. The groom forgets to unveil his wife

Liv Corbett:  Any experienced bride will vouch that the veil is harder than it looks to remove and when the groom is in the moment, he may fumble with the unveiling, or forget to remove the veil altogether. Practice makes perfect and will make sure the bride and groom aren’t trying to kiss between layers of tulle.

4. The couple get stuck in the office

Say ‘NO’ to the synchronised kiss

Liv Corbett:  Sometimes we get stuck in the corporate world and forget that greeting someone formally doesn’t always mean offering your hand for a handshake. It’s never a good look to shake hands with your new husband, save the handshake for the in-laws.

5. They leave for France before the honeymoon starts

Liv Corbett:  My number one rule for newlyweds is ‘no tongue’. Ever. Just close your mouth. Remember, your father is watching, so is your grandmother…save it for a private quiet moment away from every single pair of eyes on you.

Finally, always say no to the synchronised family kiss. Not only is this cringe-worthy, it’s simply not necessary. You’ll thank me later.

Liv Corbett is the founder of Liv Style Photography, a Sydney-based wedding and portrait photographer who is passionate about capturing moments in a natural and classic way. @LivCorbett

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