I think it was Socrates who first said ‘never underestimate the importance of quality of lighting at your wedding’ (Note: we assume no responsibility for incorrectly referencing philosophers). When the lights are too bright, it can highlight every pore and blemish on your face and when they’re too dim your guests won’t be able to tell their antipasto from their pasta.

To light your big night correctly, there’s a few things you need to keep in mind. We picked the brains of expert event designer and coordinator, Taise from Chandeliers to Die For and got everything you need to know.

1. Venue Size

Venues with high ceilings are generally dressed with larger chandeliers to create better design balance in the large space.  Small chandeliers positioned too high in a large space can be totally lost and will have no benefit whatsoever. With bare ceilings, plain ceilings and empty ceilings, the rule is to hang your lights low to get that wow factor. Choose to either go with one statement chandelier for impact, or go all-out for maximum bling. If you’re opting for a ‘blingy’ look, remember, the more, the better.

2. Theme

The theme of a wedding should be influenced by the type of venue the bride and groom chooses. When an old caricature-filled venue is chosen, the theme will usually be vintage by default, so antique golds are the obvious choice. With more modern venues, I would recommend opting for silver or crystal lighting.

3. Pre-existing Light

For most venues, their pre-existing lights will be on a dimming system, so you can control the atmosphere you want. When you order extra lighting, always look for options that come with dimming controls, otherwise you’re at risk of over-lighting the space. The lighting is so important to create the right ambiance of the room and should be considered for every aspect of the wedding – the ceremony, the speeches and the dancing.

4. Height

Large ceilings can be costly to fill with chandeliers, so if you’re on a budget, I’d suggest concentrating on highlighting two or three areas of the venue – the bridal table and dance floor. Venues with lower ceilings don’t necessarily need the same amount of chandeliers or lighting to create a big impact, so you can opt to use a statement light over the bridal table and still get that wow factor.

5. Time

Often the bride and groom assume that because they’re having a daytime wedding, they shouldn’t bother with chandeliers. This is such a mistake! During the day, the crystal chandeliers catch the sun rays and create beautiful rainbows around the room. In contrast, evening weddings have a different charm as the chandeliers are dimmed for a romantic atmosphere. The dimming also causes shimmering glistening colours to bounce around the room. Hung over the dance floor and the bridal table, it turns an average event into something magical!

Chandeliers to Die For specialise in hiring and styling lights and chandeliers for weddings and events. The team pride themselves on offering the most beautiful, elegant, decadent and dazzlingly chandeliers that allow you to turn every event into a memorable occasion.

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