The Bachelor Richie chose the wrong girl

Last night, the jaws of thousands of The Bachelor fans dropped as Richie chose the girl he wants to spend the rest of his life with – and if the reaction on social media is anything to go by, he chose the wrong girl.

From the very start, the Australian public was behind season favourite, Nikki – the sweet, down-to-earth, (and relatively) normal girl from Perth (who also happens to be a 10/10 babe).


However, Richie shocked audiences from Lismore to Launceston by picking single mum and stage-5 clinger Alex. To be fair, Alex is a gorgeous gal too (if not a little OTT), but it still doesn’t make Nikki’s legion of loyal fans happy.


Richie and Alex seem adamant their relationship is for real and went on-air with Kyle and Jackie-O to reveal details of when they first got intimate (honestly, guys TMI).

‘There was a funny story. After the finale we got dropped back to villa and the moment we got back <to the room> we just looked at each other and the camera crew were trying to leave,’

‘There was so much built up tension, it was three months of having the biggest blue balls in Australia. To get to the finale was great!’


Alex confirmed that Richie is yet to meet her adorable son Elijah yet, but explains that now they can take their relationship public, she’ll be introducing them shortly.

Only time will tell whether the latest Bachie pairing will last the distance!


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