The 7 Wedding Trends You’ll Be Seeing In 2018

Getting married in 2018? Pinterest has once again brought us its magnificent list of trends for the new year, so if you’ve been going through a creative drought, never fear – Pinterest is here!

Creative Guest Books

Moving away from standard guest books, 2018 will be the year of getting creative. From Jenga blocks to puzzle pieces and world globes, it’s clear that a simple signature in an embellished book is no longer the way to go.

Via Shannon Lammas

Image by Laurel Leaf Photography

Image by Mike Staff

DIY Food Stations

Pop-up bars inside caravans had a moment this year, but 2018 looks to be introducing the DIY food station so guests can get a little more hands-on. Perfect for boho and rustic weddings, this trend will be the ultimate in fun wedding activities.

By Melissa Wilson

Image by Marly Mechelli

Via Katie Phipps

Boutique Balloons

We know that balloons have always been a staple for celebrations, but 2018 will see the rise of boutique balloons that are far from your average $1 store buys. Giant balloons filled with glitter, confetti, and foliage will skyrocket.

Image by We Heart Pictures

Image via Not On The High Street

By Boutique Balloons Melbourne

By Boutique Balloons Melbourne

Tasty Mocktails

Apparently younger Australians are consuming less alcohol than older generations, so maybe this new trend is catching on worldwide. Tasty mocktails will be finding themselves onto a menu near you, so expect quite a few virgin cocktails.




Via NeighborFood

Vegan Desserts

Looks like we’re all going on a health kick in 2018! Swap out the animal by-products for vegan alternatives for desserts that you and your guests won’t feel guilty devouring.

Via The Sweetest Occasion


Via Nouba

Giant Earrings

We love this one. Statement earrings have been on the rise lately and 2018 means they’ll only be getting bigger and bolder.

Via The Lane

Image by Joseph & John Photography

Via Belle The Magazine

Boho Baby Showers

We had to slip this one in. The luxe extravagance of baby showers has now changed to boho extravagence, with aesthetically pleasing teepee set ups and plenty of bohemian flowers.

Image by Callie Hobbs Photography

Image by L’Estelle Photography

Image via DIY Network


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