The 7 Deadly Bridesmaid Sins

If you’re a bridesmaid, pay attention; these sins are as unforgivable as they are deadly!

1. Wrath
Don’t get too worked up about grabbing the bouquet 

Single and ready for babies? Been in a relationship and want the next step? Not a problem if that’s what you want, but don’t go rugby player and tackle for the bouquet. People can get injured and things can get ugly – which is the last thing the bride wants. So either play fair or actually do something about it other than vie for beautiful flowers!

2. Greed
Don’t try and control the wedding details

Please remember this is not your wedding. Maybe you’re already married so the bride asked for advice, or maybe you’re single and have the best sense of style. Either way if the bride asks a question, don’t make the decision. Bridesmaids automatically live vicariously through the bride given they are by their side on the big day, but don’t try and be THE bride and make the wedding of YOUR dreams.

33. Gluttony
Don’t drink too much

Taking advantage of the open bar? Refilling your glass every time the waiter walks past? Sounds like a pretty good wedding to us! But remember, as a bridesmaid you still have an important part to play in the wedding after the actual ceremony – and being anywhere on the scale between ridiculously tipsy blind drunk is a no-no. Take it easy and when all your duties are fulfilled, then you can then befriend the waiter!

4. Sloth
Don’t show up late to the wedding

To every bride’s horror, this actually happens. It may be something innocent like your transport fails and there’s no taxi in sight, or it may be you only set one alarm instead of the 15 like you’re supposed to. The moral of this sin is to ALWAYS have a back-up for everything or the entire wedding party goes into disarray – oh and we can guarantee the bride won’t be happy.


5. Pride
Don’t complain about the Bridesmaid dresses

Not your style? Your most hated colour? Doesn’t show off your best assets? Fair enough, but don’t complain about it behind the bride’s back. It might not meet your expectations, but then again, it’s not your wedding. It’s impossible to find a dress that will please absolutely everyone in the bridal party, and it’s only fair that the bride gets to make the final decision.

6. Lust
Don’t sleep with the groomsmen

We know it’s a cliché, but it can make things very awkward for future events if you decide to get a little too close to the groomsmen. Yes, they look dashing in a suit and yes, they’re as excited about the wedding as you are, but that doesn’t mean it’s an open love fest. If you really like them, organise to catch up after the wedding and let things go from there!

7. Envy
Don’t complain if you weren’t chosen to be the Maid of Honour

You were given the honour of being a bridesmaid, but you’re not THE Maid of Honour. Every bride has to make the hard decision, some find it too hard and don’t have one at all. But if they do and you’re not chosen, there is obviously a reason. You may have been there best friend in University, but their best friend from High School was given the title, or the other way around. The fact is there were many people who may have been an option to be beside the bride on their big day, and you were chosen as one of them. Don’t get fussy over titles and be there for your bestie!



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