Couple have a murder-themed Engagement photo-shoot and it’s the creepiest thing we’ve ever seen!

Engagement photo shoots are usually filled with lace, balloons, smooching and gazing aimlessly into each other’s eyes, however Texan couple Shi Jarmillo and Patrick Reetz’s shoot was anything but romantic.

This kooky pair chose to stage a murder-themed engagement shoot, complete with fake blood, a ‘dead’ body and sharp knives.

Shi explains, “What is the most trustworthy thing to do with your significant other? To have to hide a body together. You kind of get tired of seeing the same old pictures on Facebook and we didn’t want to be stereotypical.”

“The fake blood we used was really sticky and uncomfortable. We found a small water fountain to clean each other off. I’m surprised no one called the cops.”

Despite the creepy engagement shoot, Shi and Patrick’s proposal was much more traditional. Patrick sealed the deal with Shi while on vacation in Costa Rica. After a dinner overlooking the ocean, Patrick took Shi on a walk along the beach before getting down on one knee to pop the question.

However, their Wedding will continue with the murder-theme with Shi and Patrick incorporating red, white and black as their colours and showing off custom centrepieces made from “anatomy parts on a mountain of red roses.”

The Big Day will be on September 11, chosen because it was one of the cheapest days for family and friends to travel, as well as a cheap day to book their chosen venue.

“If you can’t trust your significant other to hide a body with you,” Shi concluded. “Then you probably shouldn’t get married.”













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