Should You Wear a Short or Long Wedding Dress?

Did you know Natalie Portman and Yoko Ono both wore short Wedding dresses? Even supermodel Cindy Crawford showed us some leg with a slip gown. So, when it comes to choosing a dress for your Big Day, what options do you actually have?

The rise of short Wedding dresses should come as no surprise since we see them on bridal catwalks, magazines, even on such icons as Audrey Hepburn.

Allow us to give you the facts when it comes to choosing a short or long Wedding gown!

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Short Wedding Dresses

If you are a Bride with a delicate figure and show-stopping legs, short dresses are definitely for you!

When you have a lively and active character, we think you’ll be moving all around on your special day. And if a retro Wedding is in the works, then this will add more to the energetic theme.

If you are on a budget, or simply want to save money for the honeymoon, look for a short dress!

A girl might think short dresses are not versatile when it comes to shapes and designs, but there is definitely a range to pick from. From mini options to below the knee, we suggest knee length or just above the knee for anything Summery!

vintage lace short wedding dress with pink sash

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When it comes to accessorising, a bright belt can work to break the monotone look of a white gown. It can also create some contrast, especially if you match your shoes with the belt.

If a Bride was ever in need of a fancy affair, long gloves are the next big thing for short dresses. Then there is the occasional pearls or jewel necklaces.

The only con is when you enter the church for the ceremony. It’s a well known fact that Brides love their entrances for which the long variants are more preferred. But, we are just fascinated with short bridal dresses!

So, astound everyone with the striking and fabulous looks you will surely bring!


Long Wedding Dresses

What can we say about long Wedding dresses..

There is definitely an endless amount of styles to pick from, that’s for sure!

When it comes to what a Bride is meant to look like, a longer gown is usually the right style. It can also be less unforgiving to your legs while a short dress will bare all.


Image via Pronovias

With a long detailed gown, sometimes you don’t need a veil, tiara, earrings, or a necklace. Accessories can add a unique touch to your look, but you might be going ‘over the top’ if your wearing an already-embellished dress.

Though every Bride loves a fairy tale gown, it could be harder to move when walking, dancing and greeting your guests. The skirt could get dirty easily and you’ll be paying a little more at the dry cleaners or hire shop.

So fairies, you’ve heard it!

Wedding trends will come and go but there is one thing that stays constant; the goal. Be the most beautiful version of yourself! (in whatever stunning gown you choose)

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