10 Colorful Bridesmaids Dresses to Shop for a Tropical Destination Wedding 

Tropical destinations are such fashion-friendly spots for bridesmaids who love color, and don’t mind showing a little bit of skin. Since you’ll be happily basking in the warm outdoors all day, you can get creative with necklines and cutouts. There will be no need to wear layers and worry about catching a cold! 

Don’t worry about finding the perfect dress—you’re sure to find a lot of citrus-hued bridesmaids dresses ripe for the picking. Below, we list 10 adorable dresses that’ll have you giddy with excitement for your upcoming wedding trip! 

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10 Colorful Bridesmaids Dresses to Shop: 

1. For a statuesque look, go for this fluid strapless gown from Shona Joy. 

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La Lune Strapless Ruched Bodice Maxi Dress – Peony, 420 USD, Shona Joy

2. This dress from Sheike is a tangerine dream! Combine equal doses of formality and fun in a high-neck dress with a thigh-high slit. 

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Venus Maxi Dress, 239.99 AUD, Sheike 

3. Grace and glamor meet in this ruffle accent halter dress from Elliatt. We love a flirty, dynamic dress with eye-catching details!  


Orange Dimness Dress, 149 AUD, Elliatt 

4. For an elegant, almost futuristic modern look, wear a silk column gown with a slouchy mock neck. Counterpoint the straightforward silhouette with a statement-making color, like this mix of gold and chartreuse from Camilla & Marc. 

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Emeline Column Dress, 450 AUD, Camilla & Marc 

5. This berry dress from Sheike will have you ready for tropical weather! The deep v-neckline and breezy fabric will keep you cool in the humidity, while the rich color ensures that you’ll still look elegant and fabulous in the evening!  

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Amelia Dress, 219.99 AUD, Sheike

6. For indoor affairs, opt for this fiery, playful take on sleeves. 

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Olivia Maxi Dress, 219.99 AUD, Sheike

7. Indulge in dreamy ruffles with this gorgeous blue dress from Forever New. 

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Poppy Ruffle Gown, 189.99 AUD, Forever New 

8. Turn heads in a watermelon strapless gown with subtle ruching from Forever New. 

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Avery Satin Strapless Dress, 159.95 AUD, Forever New

9. Channel the refreshing vibe of a swimming pool in the summer with this strappy maxi dress from Manning Cartell! 

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Time to Shine Slip Dress in Sky Blue, 599 AUD, Manning Cartell  

10. Pleats will always be chic! You’ll love this mint midi from Scanlan Theodore. It features elegant lines, comfy sleeves, and a modest neckline for church weddings. 

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Pleated Rib Sunray Dress in Pale Emerald, 900 AUD, Scanlan Theodore 

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