#saveourweddings Letter to VIC Premier And Health Minister

We have drafted a letter to the VIC government on behalf of Businesses and Couples in the Wedding and Private Event Industry to have our voices heard.

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Your weddings have been significantly impacted by COVID government restrictions and the future is unclear in terms of mingling, dancing, sqm rule and capacity.

Read the letter below and find out how you can help make an impact.

The Letter

Addressed to VIC State Premier Daniel Andrews and Minister for Health Martin Foley as at 12th November 2020 on behalf of Wedding Couples and Businesses.

We thank you for your time and commitment in managing COVID safe practices in VIC, and addressing issues specific to the Wedding and Private Event Market.

The last announcement was made on the 8th of November in easing restrictions for Weddings. Couples and the Industry are seeking leadership, understanding, and commitment to future economic excellence for Weddings.

From November 22nd the restrictions in VIC are at 100 people in attendance. 

We are specifically seeking clarity on;
1. What does the 100 people rule mean for mingling, dancing, and the 4sqm rule?
2. When will a roadmap be provided for 2021?
3. What is the capacity for Wedding ceremonies and receptions? Where does the 100 people rule apply?

We conducted a survey to determine the impact of Wedding Restrictions on Couples and Businesses. Here are our findings: 

Impact on Couples;

  1. The average couple in VIC has lost $11,324 to date in having to either cancel or postpone their Wedding
  2. The average spend per Wedding in VIC for these Couples is $61,561
  3. The number of guests on average for these Couples is 223

Impact on Businesses;

  1. The number of Weddings booked for 2020 on average in VIC is 79
  2. Average value per client is $7,993
  3. Number of Weddings or Wedding related events cancelled on average per business is 14
  4. Total monies lost to date due to COVID cancellations or renegotiated quotes/invoices on average per business $92,231
  5. Number of Weddings or Wedding related events postponed on average is 52
  6. Should postponed Weddings or Wedding related events not take place, the average loss of income per business is $432,000
  7. The average number of staff lost due to COVID and Current Government Restrictions –  3.8

In light of the above findings, we request Wedding restrictions to be considered alongside similar industries hospitality, beauty, retail and fitness- majority managed by Small Business Owners. The difference here is Weddings are a right of passage, an entity for many Couples and their families. 

Further, the #saveourweddings petition stands at 7165 entrants with many questioning the confusing and vague rulings around Weddings. 

See here – https://www.change.org/saveourweddings 

The #savevicevents petition stands at with specific requests around a roadmap and insight into future decision making for the Wedding Industry.

See here – http://chng.it/CLxQPKHXLT 

The following positive practices can be adhered to at Weddings- which in fact cannot take place in any other gathering capacity.

• The guests are known to the hosts

• Requests made before attendance for unwell guests to not attend

• Venues clean entire spaces between functions from napery, linen, cutlery, crockery, flooring, bathrooms and otherwise

• The menu and food service have been altered to comply with COVID safe practices

Sanitisation stations, temperature checklists and submitting guest details have already been implemented at many Wedding venues.

The economics of our industry remains heavily restricted, we understand the incredibly challenging decision-making required in a pandemic, however, request Wedding restrictions align with other industries’ ensuring the viability of this long-shelf-life market for 2021, to enable Couples and Businesses to recoup, recover, and proceed with Wedding celebrations. 

How You Can Help

If you want to make an impact and have your voice heard, email or post the letter to:

A. Premier Daniel Andrews: [email protected]
B. Minister for Health Martin Foley: [email protected]
C. How to Contact Your Local MP:

  1. If you’re located in VIC, click here.
  2. Scroll down to the dropdown section under ‘Search Federal Electorates’, and change ‘Locality or Suburb’ to ‘Postcode’.
  3. Insert your postcode in the small box above the dropdown menu and click on the blue ‘Find’ button.
  4. Scroll down to find a table with relevant suburbs.
  5. Find your suburb and click on the word under the ‘Electorate’ column.
  6. You will be redirected to a page dedicated to your Electorate – your local MP’s name will be at the top of the page, next to ‘Member:’.
  7. Save your MPs name, and search it on Google along with the word ‘Contact’ (e.g. ‘John Smith Contact’).
  8. Click on the first result.
  9. Scroll down until you come across an email address – this should end in ‘[email protected]’.
  10. Send your email to the above-mentioned email address.

Feel free to provide personal information where relevant in relation to specific losses of income and funds + the emotional/mental/financial toll these restrictions continue to have on Weddings.

Use the #saveourweddings across all communications.

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