5 Runway Looks For Older Brides

Dressing as an older bride can be a bit intimidating when surrounded by younger brides. As an older bride, don’t feel that you have to stick to simple and conservative bridal wear for your big day. If you are planning on getting married for the first time, or getting married again or having a vow renewal, here are some runway trends to inspire you for your big day.

Here are some trending runway looks from The Bridal Bazaar 2018 to inspire you for your wedding day. Designers such  Catherine Colubriale Couture and  Rhonda Hemmingway Couture showcased their bridal gown couture collection for mature brides with Pamela Petherbridge organising the gowns for the runway.

Here are the hottest runway trends for older brides.

Go For A Statement Colour

Rules are made to be broken and if wearing white to a wedding is not your style, you can always go for a bold colour such as the couture gowns by Catherine Colubrialeas seen on this year’s The Bridal Bazaar. Additionally, if this is second time around getting married, maybe white is not for you and you are more willing to take a risk with a bold colour.


Long sleeves

Don’t Be Afraid To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Bridal jumpsuits are now in style and is a great alternative for brides looking for unconventional bridal wear. Bridal jumpsuits are a classic and elegant option and adding a long train can amp up the glamour. The bonus of wearing a bridal jumpsuit is that you are comfortable and can move around easily and dance the night away.


Go For Glam

It’s your big day so you might as well go all out. Older brides often go for understated and simple bridal looks but recent runway trends dictates to go for something with a lot of sparkle.


Coordinate With Your Wedding Theme

If you’re planning on having a vow renewal, why not go for something unconventional? This Bernadette Sassine Zackey couture gown makes for great vow renewal dress as it’s formal and luxe without being too traditional. If you’re planning to change for your reception, this dress also makes for a great second wedding dress outfit.


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