The king of Wedding styling, Preston Bailey has transformed hundreds of ordinary events into unforgettable, theatrical environments and has worked with celebrities, CEOs and royalty since opening his studio in 1980.

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So, when we got the chance to grill Preston on his biggest Weddings and most important styling tips, we just had to share some of his quotes with you.

1. Forget what is trending and follow your heart and your own vision. Be a trendsetter!

2. Layering tables is one of the most incredible ways to delight guests throughout the night.


3. I like to have a surprise for guests every 15-20 minutes. Perhaps it’s changing the lighting or serving drinks in a dramatic way or changing the music up.


4. LED lights are one of the best investments you can make. Not only do they look real, there will be no mishaps (like when I had dripping candles from the ceiling at one of my first events!)


5. Don’t overlook your bathrooms! Make sure to have a nice tray of amenities, a beautiful candle and perhaps an arrangement or two.


6. Take time and say hello to every person who comes to your event. You don’t have to have a receiving line, but it is important to welcome and thank guests personally. When entertaining at home, greet guests at the door. Spend at least five minutes with each of them and make introductions immediately! Do not leave them until you feel there has been a connection made with a stranger. It’s a lot of work, I know, and this why it is best to always have more than one host. You can also designate someone to assist you with this.


7. Don’t leave non-drinkers bored at the bar. As I do not drink alcohol, I have a fresh fruit juice bar at most of my parties. This is always a lot of fun, the guests get to request their favourite fresh fruit blends. Those who wish can just add alcohol.


8. Be mindful of your guests at your event. Keep the music to a normal volume so they can speak to one another and make sure they can see one another across the table. Your centrepieces should not be blocking them.


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