Postponed Weddings: The Most Popular Dates

The reality has set in, Fairies – unfortunately many couples are having to postpone their upcoming Weddings into the later half of 2020, and even into 2021. And honestly, we feel for you. This is well and truly one of the biggest hits the Wedding and Events Industry has taken, and we stand behind you.

Due to many great vendors and suppliers, postponing has been made easy for lots of couples, as demonstrated by the discussions currently taking place in our Facebook Group ‘Wedded Wonderland Group‘. We have been contacted by many of the Group’s members, who have informed us that ever since they joined, they have felt a massive sense of relief. Seeing that many couples are on the same boat as you, particularly with something as complicated as postponing – can help you feel at ease. Many of our Wedded Wonderland Group‘s members are also suppliers, and have been making regular posts about willing to help with postponing, posting their available dates, etc. Because remember, Fairies – we’re all in this together!

Keep in mind however, that postponing a gigantic amount of weddings, also comes with conflicting dates. We have observed the trends, and a great amount of weddings are currently being postponed into particular time-frames. You know what that means, lovely vendors, – get ready for a busy season!


What To Do

For Couples

This is relevant not only for couples whose plans have been affected by the pandemic, but also for those that are looking into keeping their 2020 and 2021 dates, or planning to get married in 2021.

Be Proactive

If you are in favour of a particular date, you should get in quick. The upcoming wedding season is going to be one of the busiest ones yet, and you must prepare.

Communication Is Key

Contact your suppliers and vendors as soon as possible and make the necessary arrangements.

Understand You May Have To Make Changes

In an unprecedented situation such as this, there’s a chance that your vendors’ and suppliers’ schedule won’t be able to accomodate for certain dates. Be prepared to either work with them for a date that suits you both, or to move along with a different supplier/vendor.

Consider Compromising

This varies from couple to couple. If you have been planning your wedding for a long time, focusing on every detail and executing everything to perfection, we understand how hard this must be. However, if your chosen vendors/suppliers are not available on your requested postponing date, you may need come up with a back-up plan.

Research, Research, Research!

Couples looking to get married in 2021, should be researching available offerings right now, so that they will be able to make a quick decision when it comes to picking a date and booking suppliers.

The Power Of Contact

With all these couples postponing, you may be stressing that the photographer you have always wanted to capture your wedding, will not be available. But, how will you know unless you reach out? Contact your vendors and suppliers and have a simple discussion with them regarding their schedule. Remember, communication alleviates stress.

Be Kind

We understand that this is a stressful time for all couples, not only for financial reasons, but also because of all the disheartening feelings that come with it. The most important thing to remember, is that in situations like this, kindness is paramount.

Seek Support

We understand how overwhelming this situation can get, and so we have created a Facebook Group specifically for couples, through which everyone can connect, advise and support each other. Click here to join our Facebook Group: ‘Wedded Wonderland Group‘.

For Suppliers

Contact Couples

We have said it, and we will say it again! Keep tabs open with all of your couples. The current legislation surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is not final. In Australia, new amendments to dates and rules are being made on a daily basis, and you need to make sure that your couples are aware of that.

Get Organised

Usually, we wouldn’t need to say this to our beautiful suppliers – but in a time of stress like this, we understand how things can get out of hand. Keep track of dates and changes, even if it means going old-school and buying a massive calendar to hang on your wall!


As business-owners, we have a constant need to please our clients. However, this situation calls for prioritising. Spend more time working with the couples that have had to postpone, because chances are they are freaking out way more than the couples due to marry in late 2021. This will put both parties at ease, and provide you with a clearer view of necessary arrangements with your non-postponing couples.


It is beneficial to go beyond business-mode with your clients. We know that this may not be the way you usually deal with them, however this unprecedented situation calls for adaptation. A simple encouraging and supportive message such as: “Don’t worry, we’ve got this!”, “How is everything else going, let me know if I can help in any other way” or “If you’re struggling with finding an available florist, I know a really good one…” Believe us when we say that something as small as this, can go a long way.

Seek Support

We understand how overwhelming this situation can get, and so we have created a Facebook Group specifically for the Wedding & Events Industry, through which vendors and suppliers can connect, advise and support each other. Click here to join our Facebook Group: ‘Wedded Wonderland Business‘.

Stay calm, kind and safe, Fairies!

Digital Content Coordinator: Zoe Kanlis

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