At Wedded Wonderland, we’re strong believers in the fact that your photographer is one of the most important parts of your Wedding. Not only do they capture all of the emotion and beauty of your Big Day, but the images are the one keepsake that you’ll constantly go back to.

However, so many Brides focus on getting the photos right for the ceremony and the reception, but they forget about some of the best moments of all – the final hours before you become a Mrs!

We spoke to Image Haus and got the nine pre-ceremony shots you need to brief your photographer on before your Wedding day.

1. The Gown

Before you slip into your show-stopping Wedding dress, ask your photographer to take some snaps of the gown on a hanger or draped over a decorative chair. Then, make sure you get some shots of you shimmying into your dream dress, especially if you have your couturier onsite to help your into it!



2. The Mother of the Bride

She’s helped you get dressed hundreds of times in your childhood, but nothing is more special than helping you into your Wedding gown. This is a photograph that you’ll both cherish forever.


3. The Boy’s Club

Don’t forget the Groom! We recommend having at least two photographers so that your future husband can get some shots with his Groomsmen before the ceremony.


4. The Bridesmaids’ Shot

Once you’re finally dressed, stage a big reveal of your final Bridal look to your Bridesmaids and ask the photographer to capture their reactions (we guarantee their expressions will be priceless)!



5 The Wedding Stationery

Getting images of the Wedding stationery suite is something that most Brides overlook, but it’s such a great way to remember the theme and style of your Wedding.


6. Your Other Main Man

Let’s be honest, you’ll always be Daddy’s little girl, so asking your photographer to capture the moment your Father first sees you as a Bride is essential.


7. The Hair and Makeup

You’ve spent hours in hair and makeup and you’ve never looked so red carpet-ready in your life, so make sure you get some detailed shots of it (the pics will also serve as a guide if you want to try and replicate that sharp Wedding Day contour further down the track)!


 8. The Details

Every Wedding has its own unique details, from the bouquet, and the shoes, to the cuff-links and making sure you get these captured by your photographer will mean you can remember all the personal touches you included in your Big Day.




9. The Speech Notes

Before the ceremony, it’s highly likely that the Groom and the Father-of-the-Bride will be furiously looking over their speech notes and trying to memorise the words. Capturing the look of concentration will be a moment that you’ll treasure forever.





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