Our Top 9 Ideas for a Bohemian Wedding

With a surge in Bohemian Weddings, why not add a touch of this unique trend to your own Wedding Day.

Floral crowns, persian rugs, outdoor ceremonies, you name it. Bohemian themes are the latest in Wedding trends. Take a journey through our top 9 must have ideas to assure if your cool enough to pull it off!

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1. Invest in Glass Jars

Hipsters love this stuff.

You can find easily find glass jars in stores and around your home. These can be used as vases for your flower arrangements or as trendy glasses for your guests.

Why not add an edgy touch to your Wedding.

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2. Colourful Table Decor

Enter the ethnic world with a colourful insight.

Look for vibrant table runners, wooden chargers, even rustic cutlery that will instantly create a warm atmosphere at your bohemian Wedding.

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3. A Dreamcatcher!

What would the Native American’s use?

A dreamcatcher is a fabulous idea and ornament to display at your reception. Let them sway in the breeze or dangle from trees as you both celebrate that love.

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4. Floor Cushions

Get ready to live that bohemian life!

Floor cushions create a cosy atmosphere, especially for outdoor ceremonies. Create a little corner (or fort), even substitute for cushion pads that you can place on dining chairs.

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5. Candles

Candles are essential for a bohemian Wedding.

Choose rustic candles mixed with vintage candelabras and scatter around the table!

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6. Wooden Signs

A bohemian Wedding always involves some wood.

Point your guests in the right direction with some signage made of wood. Great for outdoors and adds a touch of wild ambiance.

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7. A Persian Rug

Nothing says bohemian more than a Persian rug.

Barefoot is usually the theme when it comes to anything outdoor and vintage. Combining a collection of rugs for your walk down the aisle is a perfect start.

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8. Flower Cake

A cake is the pinnacle point of a Wedding affair.

Bright petals or flowers can make for a gorgeous cake. It will definitely smell as delicious as it taste.


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9. Floral Crown

Nothing will be as glamourous as the Bride!

A bohemian Wedding wouldn’t be complete without a flower crown. We suggest going with wild flowers for a beautiful, head-turning look.


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