10 Gorgeous Off-the-Shoulder Gowns to Wear to a Dreamy Destination Wedding 

Among the wedding dress trends seizing the fashion scene this 2024, off-the-shoulder gowns are arguably the most accessible and adaptable. While its co-trends—including bridal gloves, strapless gowns in ornate lace, and sheer skirts—lean daring or cater to specific taste profiles, off-shoulder gowns are a pretty broad category to work with. Without a doubt, you’ll surely fall in love with at least one of them! 

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For this very reason, we recommend browsing shoulder-baring gowns for your upcoming destination wedding. If you’re getting hitched on a chilly mountaintop chapel but don’t want to wear a constrictive turtleneck gown, just pick out a full-sleeved gown that sits right below the shoulders. Conversely, if you envision yourself wearing some type of bubble sleeve to the beach but are worried about the heat, go for an off-shoulder babydoll frock that’ll give your décolletage some air. 

Truth be told, once you figure out the neckline you want, the rest of the decision-making will be a breeze. To further explore the off-the-shoulder craze, scroll below for 10 inspo-worthy gowns! 

10 Off-the-Shoulder Gowns for a Destination Wedding: 

1. Posh Cityscape Wedding 

For a stylish, fuss-free wedding taking place in the heart of a bustling metropolis, embrace functional modernity in an exquisitely sleek slit dress like this one by Marquise Bridal. Its proportions are reminiscent of a perfectly-fitted blazer and pencil skirt, which would speak to office wear-loving gals who call the city home. Say your I-dos against a glittering skyline in the modern bridal gown of your dreams. 


A New York City Style Wedding in Sydney’s CBD

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From the AW20 Collection by Marquise Bridal 

2. Lush Mediterranean Garden or Courtyard Wedding 

To a dreamy wedding in a botanical garden or old world courtyard, take inspiration from romantic leading ladies in old films—specifically those who run through cloisters in enviable wispy gowns, and gaze out from balconies overlooking wild gardens. Don an appliqué-covered puff-sleeve gown like this one by Christie Nicole Bridal and feel every bit a princess. 

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La Fleur Gown from the Daisy Collection by Christie Nicole Bridal 

3. Forest Estate Wedding 

For a grand woodland wedding on a family estate, wear an asymmetrical off-shoulder gown that gracefully reflects the fluidity of the wind, yet maintains a sleek regality distinct from the bohemian vibe. Opt for a Mikado satin or similarly shiny, sculptable fabrics to create a statuesque look.  

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Daffodil Gown from the Homeward Bound Collection by Georgia Young Couture 

4. Sky Terrace Wedding 

Float down the aisle towards a serene view of the open sky in a stunning serpentina gown. Simple yet elegant, this gown by Elie Saab features a bow-shaped neckline, fitted sleeves, and grand overskirt that fans out behind the flared silhouette. 

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Look #1 from the Bridal Fall 2023 Collection by Elie Saab 

5. Fairytale Chateau Wedding 

If you’ll be tying the knot in a French chateau with movie-worthy surroundings, you might as well go for a wedding dress that is both princessy and ethereal. In an outdoor setting, swap a gem-encrusted ball gown for a daintier embroidered tulle skirt that comes alive under sunlight, much like this dress from Pronovias. 

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The Cloe Dress from the Pronovias Contemporary Goddess Collection 

6. Palatial Wedding

A lavish venue merits an equally majestic gown that’s sure to turn heads. This couture creation by Michael Cinco will do just that: it features delicate floral overlays with dazzling crystals, an intricate illusion neckline, slit cape sleeves, and a resplendent, wide skirt. 

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From the Michael Cinco Bridal 2023 Collection 

7. Artistic Wedding in a Historic Venue 

For weddings taking place in iconic buildings such as art or history museums, opera houses, and other places of interesting heritage, aim for a grand gown that embodies bold artistry. This drop-waisted delight by Viktor&Rolf features bold floral appliqués, a colossal skirt, and modern, off-kilter proportions, which would suit the fashion-forward bride. 

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VRM360 from the Mariage Fall/Winter 2023 Collection by Viktor&Rolf 

8. Seaside Town Wedding 

Channel mermaids or the sheer-clad maidens of Renaissance art in a fluid, see-through gown that pools at the hem, creating a pool-like effect. This bold, ravishing gown by Galia Lahav features a soft corset, a chainmail-like motif, and fine beading to create a slinky silhouette perfect for a beach town wedding. 

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Jax Mermaid Corset Wedding Gown from the Darling Collection by Galia Lahav 

9. Beach Wedding 

For a glamorous beachside affair, wear a unique micro-pleated gown with gentle bandage draping. Designed by Costarellos, this off-shoulder gown exudes innocence and wonder, and benefits from a traditional silhouette enhanced with contemporary cutouts. 

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BR2410 Melaina from the Spring 2024 Collection by Costarellos 

10. Swiss Alps Wedding 

Getting hitched by the Swiss Alps or another snowy mountain range with heavenly vistas? Don a voluminous gown that mirrors the majesty of the terrain, softened by cascading ruffles and fairy-like embroidery. Complete with smoky billows, an alluring a-shaped silhouette, and a plunging sweetheart neckline, this gown by Nicole Milano is the stuff of dreams. 


Hadas dress from the Nicole Colet 2024 Collection by Nicole Milano 

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