Never Do This if You’re Wearing a Headpiece on Your Wedding Day

According to trained milliner Nicole McInnis of Oh Dina! the biggest no-no when it comes to wearing a headpiece on your wedding day is placing it on the left side of your head.

“When you’re standing at the altar, everyone sees the right side of your head, so if it’s placed on the left side nobody will get a chance to admire your beautiful detail in all its glory. Keep that in mind when you’re taking your professional photos, too,’’ she says.

If possible, it’s always best to have your headpiece with you for hair trails. ‘’This will give you and your stylist a chance to play with the entire look and you won’t have to be worrying about tweaking it on your wedding day,’’ she adds.

how to wear a headpiece on your wedding day

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McInnis’ sound advice comes off the back of her Maker Collaboration with Truvelle. The pair has just launched a dreamy floral headpiece collection that pairs both their signature styles: Truvelle’s soft and feminine nature, and the Oh Dina! attention to detail and texture.

If you have a penchant for flower crowns, or find yourself falling in love with this romantic collection of flower headpieces and halos, McInnis suggests you take into consideration your colour palette for the wedding when making a final decision. If you’re using muted sage tones with your greenery, such as lamb’s ear or seeded eucalyptus, you’re going to want to carry that through into your headpiece.

how to wear a headpiece on wedding day

Ivory Helene Halo

“Having a cohesive look is key! When I’m working on custom flower crowns I always make sure the bride sends me inspiration images from their bouquet so that I can find high quality silk flowers that match as close as possible.’’

The Turvelle x Oh Dina! Maker Collaboration features individually tea stained florals that capture sepia tones for a sense of timelessness, while fresh hints of gypsophilia and rosemary appeal to modern brides.

How to wear a headpiece on wedding day

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