Native Flowers & Rural Charm For This Country Wedding

Beneath a gorgeous fig tree on Yandina Station in Queensland, Whitney and Robyn said their vows.

It was all about right timing when the two first met. Robyn had returned from a three month holiday in Europe and Whitney had just moved back to the Sunshine Coast after living in Brisbane. It was while they were both working at the same local RSL that Whitney and Robyn fell in love.

Leaving the RSL behind, Whitney and Robyn moved to Mount Isa to begin their future together. While in Byron Bay for Splendour in the Grass, Robyn planned a surprise proposal for Whitney. An afternoon storm was passing through as the two had afternoon tea at a lighthouse, enjoying the view of the storm over the sea.

Robyn poured Whitney some hot tea in a black mug and watched closely as Whitney enjoyed the drink. Curious as to why Robyn was staring, Whitney looked at the mug and saw a picture of Robyn on one knee with a sign reading, “Will you marry me?”

The rustic country ceremony was followed by canapes on the lawn and a sit-down banquet reception in the dairy barn, which was decorated with fairy lights and rose gold sequin table runners, tying in beautifully with the neutral, gold, and dusty tones of the wedding.

Photography by Bonnie Jenkins Photography

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Photography: Bonnie Jenkins Photography

Videographer: BXCSMXTH

Whitney’s Dress: Bespoke Saskia Gown from Karen Willis Holmes

Whitney’s Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Whitney’s Accessories: Samantha Wills

Robyn’s Dress: Pippin by WToo from BellaDonna Bridal

Robyn’s Shoes: Novo Shoes

Robyn’s Accessories: Samantha Wills

Hair: Kmmakeup Studios and Emma Wilson

Makeup: Bec James Makeup

Prop hire: Splash Events

Flowers: Ginger Lily and Rose

Stationery: Zazzle (‘Save the Dates’ and ‘Thank You’ postcards) Etsy (‘Invites’)

Celebrant: Vogue Vows

Music: Unique DJ’s and Photobooth Hire

Venue & Catering: Yandina Station

Cake: Provided by Yandina Station

Favours: From various garage sales, Robyn’s mum

Rings: Underwood’s Fine Jewellers Kawana

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