A Modern Fairytale Engagement for Designer Begitta

In Begitta’s own words, “There are few moments as special as when a man gets down on one knee, the world stops spinning for those few seconds, the heart seems to stop and go faster at the same time and he asks the love of his life to be his wife.”

WW Member Begitta Stolk is the Creative Director and Head Designer of Begitta, a label known for its dreamlike and romantic bridal gowns, as well as its luxury gowns created for Miss Universe Australia – the latter of which takes us to Begitta’s own engagement story.

Image via the-atelier.com.au

Begitta and her partner Rob flew to Melbourne to attend the Miss Universe Australia national finals; a welcome break after spending months tirelessly creating gowns for Queensland’s top 5 National finalists. A self-proclaimed perfectionist, Begitta had asked Rob for the accommodation details in order to plan their stay. She was curious as to why they would spend 3 days in one hotel and 2 days in another, but accepted Rob’s response that the other hotel had fluffy robes.

“Who was I to complain about fluffy robes?”

Having spent a week so far exploring Melbourne’s famous food scene and attending the Miss Universe Gala Dinner and Crowning ceremony, Begitta was excited to be spending the remaining days at the Hotel Windsor, a surprise from Rob which happened to be ruined by the Uber driver. Nevertheless, her excitement grew when she found out they would be staying on a top floor suite.

“It’s my dream hotel and Rob, having a bit of an old soul much like me, is a lover of old world style decadence. After our first date we had both felt we’d known each other a lifetime, we’ve often discussed that we may have met in a previous life in an old era of the world as we both have a penchant for the finer things.”

With a beautiful French dinner and room service the following morning, Begitta and Rob celebrated their 2 year and 10 month-iversary. Taking advantage of their lazy morning, the two decided to write love letters to one another on the gold ‘Hotel Windsor’ embossed stationery and mail them home.

With a request for “the most romantic table,” Rob booked dinner for the two that night, with Begitta wearing a dress Rob had suggested she bring. As they enjoyed their French dinner, Rob suggested they ask a waitress to take their photo, and he seemed to grow more nervous by the minute. When the waitress came by and Rob asked that it be a video, Begitta became suspicious.

“Rob took out a pocket watch, it was a beautiful little vintage one we had found when we were in Melbourne the previous year, He told me when we had bought it at Victoria Market that there was so much going on, so much hustle and bustle and for just a minute time stopped, we had looked at each other, he said he knew more than ever in that moment he loved me.”

Pulling out a white bag from within the watch, Rob brought out the ring and bent down on one knee.

“I stood up realising what was happening. By this time my eyes were streaming and my ears were buzzing and the whole world seemed to have stopped spinning and the words Rob said melted my heart. I remember him saying ‘I want nothing more in my life than for you to be my wife, will you marry me?'”

The ring was everything Begitta had wanted since she was 12.

Image via the-atelier.com.au

“Having looked at over 80 diamonds until he found the right one, he told me ‘I searched and searched for the perfect diamond like a penguin searches for the perfect stone when they find their partner for life’.”

With her dream ring on her finger, Begitta and her Prince Charming jumped around their suite like excited children, laughing and yelling, “We’re getting married!”

“The whole weekend feels like a complete dream and getting to spend our whole lives together forever feels like a true fairytale!”

Begitta and Rob’s fairytale love story was celebrated with a whimsical engagement photoshoot, with Begitta wearing her own designs.

Congratulations to the wonderful Begitta; we’re so happy you found your Prince Charming.

Photography by Kaitlin Maree Photography

Photography: Kaitlin Maree Photography

Event Planner: Tanja Meyer

Event Stylist: Event Stylist and Co

Florals & Event: Ivy & Bleu

Gowns: Begitta

Hair & Makeup: Bella Brides

Venue: Evergreen Garden Venue

Sweets: Two Little Bakers

Stationary: KB Lettering

Doves: Beautiful White Doves

Butterflies: Butterfly Releases AU

Engagement Ring: My Jewellery Shop

Prop Hire: Innovative Hiring

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