Mother’s Day: The Best Deliverable Gifts

Mother’s Day is a special celebration where children from all over the world express their love for that special woman that gave them life. And, just because COVID-19 has decided to make an abrupt entry, it doesn’t mean you can’t express gratitude towards your mother!

If you’re lucky enough to live in the same household, you could pull off the good old breakfast in bed show (although you’ve probably been doing that since you were 5 years old) OR you could take the chance to deliver something momentous to your (or her) doorstep! Because to be honest, Fairies, we could all use a (virtual) hug from mum right about now.

Here are the best deliverable gifts to spoil your mum this year!

Gelato Messina’s Bon Bons

Gelato Messina’s annual Mother’s Day bon bons are looking a bit different this year – in a good way. As some Messina fanatics may already know, this gelateria makes its own chocolate from a single origin bean imported from Ecuador. This year, Gelato Messina has created chocolate versions of their classic gelato bon bons that can be delivered! The flavours include: Gianduia, Milk Choc Chew, Coffee and Dulce, Pistachio Praline and Honey Caramel!

Gelato Messina has also collaborated with FLORALY to bring you a stunning bunch of flowers and chocolate combo all in one delightful package, straight to your mum… even if you can’t be with her this year.

LVLY Flowers & Gifts

LVLY hasn’t been nicknamed ‘the Uber of the gifting world’ for nothing! LVLY’s freshly arranged posies and trademark flower jars can be delivered Australia wide via the post! Same-day deliver included is included, Australia-wide, while the company has reinvented its supply chain to make sure you get the best customer experience during this difficult time.

The Plant People

If you want to give your mother something that will last for years to come, you can opt for a baby rubber plant, bird of paradise or peace lily delivered straight to her door by The Plant People! The Brisbane-based nursery offers delivery across QLD, NSW, VIC, ACT and SA, specialising in low-maintenance plants that can be grown indoors, too, so you don’t need to worry if your mum doesn’t have the greenest of thumbs.

Glasshouse Fragrances

Don’t let physical distancing stop you from sharing the love! For a limited time, select one of three stunning calligraphy cards to include in any online Glasshouse Fragrance order! Surprise your mum with this complementary card and mesmerising scents, such as the ones included in the Forever Florence Gift Set!

The Everleigh Bottling Co.

If your mother enjoys the occasional martini, same. No but, seriously – this is probably one of the most original gift ideas we have ever come across! Melbourne-based The Everleigh Co. is offering cocktail delivery nationwide, with individual cocktails and available gift packs options!

Breakfast In Bed: Luxe Mode

Remember all those times you brought your mum breakfast in bed? Well, there’s been an upgrade. If you aren’t a natural in the kitchen, or you no longer live under the same roof – this is the next best thing. A luxurious breakfast box from Australia’s famous cultured butter maker Pepe Saya, and the country’s best crumpets, Crumpets by Merna. Boxes come filled with a six-pack of golden crumpets, Pepe Saya butter, a pot of crème fraîche and a limited-edition topping. Available for delivery to next-day delivery zones across NSW, VIC and QLD! 

Cheesy Times

Is your mum not much of a sweet tooth? More into her savoury delicacies? If so, this is the perfect gift for her! Cheese Therapy is currently offering a Therapy Box of six Australian cheeses, including an ashed brie, a triple cream, a blue, a camembert, a pecorino and some haloumi, and is shipping nationwide. Plus, it’ll go nicely with that wine you’ve already ordered for her.

The Iconic: Mother’s Day Gift Edit

And this one is self-explanatory… Think of all the times your mother has been there for you, through all the ups and downs of growing up. The Iconic’s Mother’s Day Gift Edit comes with a touching video of how mums have always gone above and beyond for us. Come on, Fairies – show her you care by surprising her with that knit sweeter she’s always wanted!

Don’t let COVID-19 stop you from making your mum feel special this Mother’s Day, Fairies!

Digital Content Coordinator: Zoe Kanlis

Featured Image: Instagram

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