Love at first sight at her Sister’s wedding!

Everyone adores a good love story! Picture this…it’s your sister’s wedding, you’re looking stunning as ever and you happen to steal someone’s heart and find love at first sight. This was a reality for Bride-to-be Amanda when she caught the eye of her future husband Nnamdi. Amanda’s sisters wedding had a whole lot of LOVE in the air and she told us everything .

Love Story

“It all started on the 27th of December, 2020. It was the day my elder sister and his friend got married traditionally, we never knew we would meet our better half .He looked absolutely handsome and attractive in his immaculate white, red beads, red cap and sharp shoes, as for me- well, I was looking undeniably Stunning in my monotone onion pink dress and Asooke with my silver heels, makeup on fleek.

After the ceremony we headed for Owerri, IMO state Nigeria where we arrived around 7pm for my sister to be formally inducted into the married women’s group. After the dancing and singing we were ushered into the house and I lost my way. I began searching for my sisters and at that moment, I decided to wait in the living room which was filled with so many strangers.

I sat beside a beautiful lady who was really nice and as we were having a little chat, a bald handsome man came and sat with us (I did not know he was her brother ). He smiled and said “hey” to me (well hey to you too handsome 😂) those were literally the only words he said to me as I stood up to continue the search for my sisters. Few hours later we headed to the club, where we met for the second time. He stared at me so intensely it was kinda creepy😂. He ended up chasing all the guys that approached me to dance 😂, as the party drew closer to the end that was when we danced. I headed to the hotel with my sisters, in the morning my elder sister rushed into my room saying someone has been calling my name I was shocked, I was sure I didn’t steal anything, unknown to me I stole someone’s heart😂

We got to the restaurant to have breakfast and I was made to sit beside him, it felt natural sitting by his side, of course we were both super nervous, I had tingles in my belly. We exchanged numbers after breakfast; We were both excited to see how things unraveled . A few days later I snuck out of the house for our first date, about two days later we were dating. Couple of weeks later after my convocation he visited Abuja and another few weeks later I relocated to PH for my NYSC where I started living with him”.

Bride-to-be – Amanda @mandiokeke

Groom- Nnamdi

Photography by @gaffmultimedia

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