Kate Middleton Is In Labour – This Is What They’ll Be Naming Baby Number Three

UPDATE: Kate Middleton has officially been admitted into St Mary’s Hospital as she heads into the early stages of labour and we’re on the edge of our seats!

Kensington Palace released a statement confirming that Kate was well underway to giving birth to baby number three, posting on their official Twitter account:

But with the imminent arrival of the fifth in line to the British throne, everyone is asking the same question – have the royals chosen a name yet?

Our earlier predictions of a boy may be a little off, considering that U.K. bookmakers are placing their bets on Kate having a little girl.

Although Prince William and The Duchess of Cambridge don’t know whether they are having a boy or girl yet, this hasn’t stop the naming predictions from being made – especially since U.K bookmakers are betting on a little princess.

We know that George was named after his paternal great-great grandfather, and father of Queen Elizabeth II, King George VI (although his real name was Albert) and Charlotte was named after her Grandfather, Prince Charles, William’s Father, but who will baby number three be named after?

Initially, Mary was leading the pack with 3-1 odds, however that has since been overtaken by Alice, as reported by Betfair. The odds for Alice now site at 4–1 while Mary trails behind at 9-2.

Both names have very strong regal histories, with Mary being the name of one of the most famous British Queens, Mary Queen of Scots, not to mention it was Queen Elizabeth II’s grandmother’s name.

george and charlotte

Via Kensington Royal

Alice, was also in the running before Charlotte arrived. Still, just because it didn’t win the last time, doesn’t mean it won’t this time around! It also happens to be the name of Prince Phillip’s mother, as well as the name of the Duchess of Gloucester, who was the oldest royal ever when she passed away at the age of 102.

Other strong contenders include Victoria, Elizabeth, Isabella, and Grace. In the boy’s category, Phillip is still a popular choice, with Betfair putting its odds at 8-1, while Alexander, James, Frederick and Arthur are also in the running.

Honestly, we’re still hoping that the newest royal will be called Diana.

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