The Complete Guide to Bridal Jewelry Styles, Based on Your Wedding Gown Neckline

Jewelry, while relatively small, can make a world of difference to your bridal look. A well-chosen necklace or earring can frame the face, enhance a neckline, and sharpen the overall impact of your ensemble.

Given the power of jewelry, one must also be careful to not go overboard, which risks throwing off the congruity of your look. For example, pairing a three-strand diamond pavé necklace with a halter neckline could appear too crowded, weighing down your upper half. A key aspect of filtering out wedding jewelry styles is to work with the neckline of your wedding dress, distributing weight, proportion, shape, and the grandness of the embellishments for a seamlessly balanced look.

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Ahead, we provide a guide for suitable bridal jewelry styles, based on the most common necklines.

12 Jewelry Styles to Match Different Wedding Dress Necklines:

1. Halter Neckline: Drop or Dangling Earrings

The halter neckline takes away the need for a necklace, as this style sees a triangular panel of fabric that covers the upper chest. The shoulders are accentuated, giving a bride a sculpted, elegant appearance. Drop or dangling earrings are a suitable jewelry type in this instance, because they balance out the fabric that runs down the center of the body, distributing ornamentation to either side, right above the shoulders. For embellished gowns, a simple pearl drop earring would do, while simpler dresses team well with elaborate dangling pairs. 

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2. V-Neckline: Slim, Dainty Jewelry with a Focus Stone

One of the most flattering necklines of all time, the v-shaped neckline spotlights the bride’s collarbones, which provide graceful visual impact in and of themselves. While lavish princess necklaces may work with this style, the rounded necklace shape competes with the sharp angles of the v-neckline, offering two differing focal points within such close proximity.

For an effortless and tasteful look, try a pendant necklace with a focus pearl or gem, whose weight will pull the chain into a compatible v-shape that harmonizes with the gown. A pair of dangling earrings with a floating effect is also suitable. 

Lecca Bridal Dress Milla Nova
Image by Milla Nova

3. Boat Neckline: Minimalist, Slim Dangling Earrings

A simple neckline is a double-edged sword: it’s easier to ensure that it fits your body well, but improper styling might tip into looking like an evening gala outfit as opposed to a show-stopping bridal ensemble. The boat neckline features a wide u-shape, and straps that touch both shoulder bone tips. Team it with slim dangling earrings for a harmonized, light-handed effect—a glamorous chandelier pair might outperform the neckline and place too much visual weight on your head, especially if you will also be wearing a veil.

4. Minimalist Off-the-Shoulder: Thick Princess or Choker Necklaces

With more bare shoulder space to work with, you’ll have plenty of room for a sumptuous princess necklace or choker. Dazzle with diamonds or rows of pearl! In the same way off-shoulder straps circle horizontally around the bust and biceps, a round necklace hangs snugly around the neck, creating continuity in the curved shapes.

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5. Maximalist Off-the-Shoulder: Dainty Necklaces

On the other hand, off-the-shoulder gowns with flamboyant details team better with demure jewelry. Since the dress already speaks for itself, minimal embellishment is required. But it’s still important to wear some bling as the décolletage is bare and in need of some focal point.

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6. Low Strapless Necklines: Wide Chokers or Collars

For tube gowns that sit lower along the chest, redistribute some weight to your top half with a wide, ornate choker that echoes the design characteristics of your dress. For example, choose a lace choker to complement floral embroidery, or a crystal collar to match rhinestones.

Image by Lee Petra Grebenau

7. Sweetheart or Queen Anne Neckline: Jaw-Length Drop Earring

The curved arches of a sweetheart and/or Queen Anne neckline favor jewelry with a similarly rounded shape. Rectangular or triangular earrings, while still chic, interrupt the graceful flow of the curved lines, and ostensibly give off a pageant aesthetic as opposed to an undeniably bridal aura. Pear-shaped pearls or diamonds that graze the jawline would work beautifully with this style.

The Gorgeous Gowns from Romanzo by Julie Vino 2023 The Wedding Guys
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8. Sweetheart: Pointed Choker Necklace

Shadow the m-shape of the sweetheart neckline with a similarly pointed choker that sits at the base of the neck, right on the clavicle. The effect is regal and timeless.

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9. Square Neckline: Modern Earrings in Diverse Styles

Since a square neckline is straightforward and flat, you’ll have space to experiment with contemporary jewelry that have an innate sense of movement. Artisan earrings with textured elements like braided metal or seashells are bold choices with a ton of payoff. But of course, slim, dangling jewels are still very much an option.

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10. One-Shoulder: Tiny Studs

As not to re-balance the stylish asymmetry with loud earrings on either side, quietly accessorize with pretty studs and let the dress do the talking. This is especially true if your gown features a large ribbon or appliqué on its lone shoulder—a big earring or necklace would be awkward, brushing against the ornament and throwing the look off balance.

Image by The Newhite

11. Cowl Neckline: Statement Earring or Chain

The cowl neckline behaves similarly to a v-neckline, except that this style has more bulk, owing to the folds that gather in front. Style it with statement earrings or a subtle chain for a modern, clean look.

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12: High-Neckline: Diamond or Pearl Studs

Channel Grace Kelly and allow your magnificent gown to take the spotlight. Enhance the already-gorgeous look with timeless stud earrings as not to overcrowd around your neck.

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