Most couples love to personalise their wedding and a fun and easy way to do this is to create your own signature cocktail to serve to guests at the reception. We spoke with the Bar Staff at Dockside Group, who with seven venues around Sydney, know what they’re talking about when it comes to creating a cocktail.

Believe it or not, there are rules – so before you pour, shot or sip your concoction, take note of the five most important tips.

1. Think colour

Bear in mind the colour of the cocktail, whether it complements the colour scheme of the wedding and, most importantly, whether it looks appealing to drink. Tipsy tip: no one likes a murky green or dirty brown coloured drink.


2. Think safe

Using vodka as a base is always the safest bet. It’s a spirit which doesn’t have a strong taste and most palettes can handle. It’s also the easiest spirit to mix as it can be paired with almost any flavours. This one’s especially good for couples on a budget!


3. Keep it Simple

If your drink has too many ingredients, it’s probably not the best option to serve in large quantities. It can get complicated and oftentimes some of the flavours will be overpowering.


4. Be Authentic

Consider selecting flavours and special touches that highlight your history. Whether it’s the first drink your husband ever bought you, or your parents’ signature drink.


5. Double Up

A his & her cocktail is a great way to ensure that all guests have a drink that they enjoy and let’s be honest, two’s always better than one!

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