We all know that one of the essential elements to falling in love is having some serious chemistry and this astrology chart promises to match you with the star sign that will keep you hot under the collar for years to come.

It seems that opposites attract when trying to find the sexiest star sign for you, so scroll through and find your match made in the heavens!

Aries + Libra

These two signs are polar opposites, which means you complement each other beautifully. Librans will charm with their flirtatious nature and will draw out the romance from impatient Aries who like to get hot and heavy straight away.

Taurus + Scorpio

Both of these signs are all about the long, slow stares across the room, the building passion and the fleeting touches that create electricity; however, because both Taureans and Scorpios are stubborn, unless one of you decides to make the first move, you both might end up stuck before you’ve even made it to first base.

Gemini + Sagittarius

Although Geminis and Sagittarians are opposite, they’ve got quite a lot in common. Both adventurers, you can both be scared of commitment, but your spontaneity will keep things sizzling for you. Because you’re both free-spirits, it might be hard to tie you down, but if you stay busy together, nothing will stop you from lasting the distance.

Cancer + Capricorn

This is another case of opposites attract, with Cancers, which are labelled one of the ‘kinkiest’ star signs in the zodiac, unlocking Capricorns stiff and formal nature. Once these two signs learn each other’s love language, there will be fireworks!

Leo + Aquarius

Both of these signs are confident, know what they want and aren’t afraid to ask for it in the bedroom, making them a hot combination. If the Leo can keep the ‘drama’ to a minimum and the Aquarian can show a bit of emotion, these two signs can last the distance.

Virgo + Pisces

Both of these signs are known as ‘givers’ so putting them together is an obvious choice. They’ll each aim to please one another in the bedroom, making them an explosive combination. They’ll also tend to have a peaceful and drama-free relationship.

Main Image from Katia and Matia’s Wedding. Photography by Lara Hotz.

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