How To: Support A Stressed-Out Bride

Wedding stress can get the best of every bride, and that’s where the fiancé, family and friends come in. Wedding planning can be tough, especially under the current circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. But, how can you help?

We have gone ahead and outlined some simple and thoughtful ways to show the bride that you’ve always got her back, and to help her kick wedding planning stress to the curb (as much as humanely possible…).

Send Her Flowers

There’s nothing like a fresh bouquet of flowers to reduce stress. Don’t believe us? Look it up! Flowers have been scientifically proven to be associated with lower levels of stress. So, if you’re asking us – couples should surround themselves with beautiful bouquets ahead of the wedding! Drop off a bunch with her favourite chocolate, or have them delivered directly to her door. Trust us when we say, she’ll truly appreciate the sentiment!

Treat Her Sweet Tooth 

Is dessert the answer to all of our problems? Sometimes, sometimes not. But here at Wedded Wonderland, we believe that it can definitely help! Order your bride a CakeMail cake, or a funny Dessert Box – and watch the stress melt away (along with all her cravings!).

Ask Her What She Needs 

This is especially necessary if you are part of the bridal party. Sometimes, the best thing to do is to ask the bride how you can help. Perhaps she is feeling overwhelmed by her wedding to-do list. Help take some of the burden off her by asking her exactly what she needs. There’s a good chance she won’t need anything from you, but she’ll definitely appreciate the question.

Coordinate With The Fiancé 

If you’re a friend, and you’re still sensing the bride’s tension, chances are that her fiancé is, too. Plan something small with him, whether it’s an intimate BBQ or surprise Mexican night, she definitely appreciate the gesture and make for the perfect pick-me-up.

Create a Video Montage 

We can almost guarantee that this one will be a tearjerker, for every COVID couple. In a good way! Ask members of the wedding party, close friends, and family, to record a video of them sharing words of encouragement and love. Your bride won’t expect such a heartwarming video, but she will surely appreciate the gesture. Plus, it’ll be a video she will cherish forever!

Shine A Light

…on what’s important! The fiancé is about to become a bride – and she is well aware of that! However, you may have to remind them of what’s truly important, if you’re noticing that they are getting overwhelmed by the nitty gritty details. After all, being married to the love of her life is more important than everything else!

Keep Calm

We have a tongue-twister for you… You know what stresses out stressed-out people? Other stressed-out people! Instead of vocalizing all of your own concerns, try to keep conversations on the positive side. Talk about all the great things they’ve already accomplished on their wedding planning journey instead of focusing on potential pitfalls. If they need to talk through an issue, let it happen, but don’t feed their anxiety. Remember, you want to be their cheerleader!

Distract Her

If wedding stressors have become everything your bride talks about, it’s time to create a distraction. They need to let off some steam soon or they might become a bridezilla (and nobody wants that). Invite them over for a movie night, take them to a spa, go to the golf course or hit the shops for a bit of retail therapy. This will totally take their mind off of vendors and venues.

You’ve got this, Fairies!

Digital Content Coordinator: Zoe Kanlis

Featured Image: Pinterest

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