How To Host A Valentine’s Day Girls Night

This one goes out to all our single Fairies and their girlfriends that want to honour their friendship on this day of love… Do not fear – Wedded Wonderland is near! We have got you covered for the ultimate Valentine’s Day girls night to celebrate and grow closer with your girlfriends!

Lots And Lots Of Snacks…

No Valentine’s Day is complete without all of the lollies, chocolate, and chips in the world. Go classic and purchase all the favourites, and perhaps ask those with particular tastes to bring along whatever they would like! Additionally, you need Valentine’s Day candy; anything pink is a must! Place them in various boards and platters to create a unique snack display. If you’re feeling extra crafty, put together a grazing platter filled with cheeses and dips, to provide a gourmet experience!

Pro Tip: Do NOT forget the ice cream!

Drink, Drank, Drunk

Let’s be real, Fairies, champagne and rosé go with everything! Stock up on beverages with a lower alcohol percentage, and go easy on the vodka and tequila (unless you’re planning for a wild night in!). Hang some heart-shaped lollipop rings in the glasses for a fun touch. Add those to your candy display area, along with some flower vases.

Set The Vibe

Is this a sleepover, or just a night in? Whatever your choice, make sure that you create the appropriate atmosphere for your girls to fully enjoy! If you’re after the ultimate cozy vibe, we have two words for you; anything soft. Pull out as many pillows, throws and mattresses as you want, and go crazy! Add candles and diffusers for some extra oomph!

Dinner Plans

While candy, ice cream and alcohol are incredible, your girls probably need something more solid to satisfy their bellies. Our recommendation is that you keep it simple and tasty; from a simple spaghetti bolognese to having pizza delivered, the one thing we know is that you don’t want to be running around checking the oven while trying to let loose. You may be the host, but you also need your relaxing time!

Keep It Interesting

Avoid turning a fun night into a snooze-fest! Depending on what your girl group is into, pick a couple of activities that will keep you going throughout the night. From high-school chatter of truth or dare to a baking marathon and chick flicks, make sure you keep it interesting! We recommend a minimum of two activities to keep the night rolling!

Pamper Session

After having drank that last bottle of champagne, chances are you and your girls will want to relax and just enjoy How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days (even though this is probably the 50th time you have watched it). Purchase some face masks, creams and even nail files and polish, and give each other the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift as you get settle in to watch Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson get it on!

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