If you thought planning your wedding wasn’t a big enough task, stop for a minute. Have we got your attention? Think about that little period of time after the big day that almost requires just as much planning (and is just as much fun!) The HONEYMOON!

Before you start to panic, here are our top tips for choosing the perfect honeymoon destination.

Start by listing your top 5 dream honeymoons together. You know, those places you’ve always wanted to go. Think about the private island getaway, the exotic beaches, the crazy streets of a foreign city. Go all out. This is your fantasy location, so don’t waste your time thinking about all of the logical reasons not to go somewhere fabulous.

Then stop and think about those logical reasons. Here’s our handy list of some good ways to cull that list.

This is one of the easiest ways to narrow those options down. Are you are a sweltering heat, icy cold or somewhere-in-between kind of girl? What kinda guy is he? Check out the weather and temperature in the parts of the world you plan on visiting. If it doesn’t match up with what you want, it’s gone!

Universal Celebrations
Holidays = tourists. Simple. If you are considering a popular destination, think about how this may effect your getaway. If you’re a couple who likes to party and meet new people, great. If you’re after a tranquil escape, a crowded tourist hot spot is not your best option.

Also consider local events and festivities that may draw large crowds. While these may be a different kind of busy, it will still have an impact.

If you don’t want to spend your honeymoon touring your parents’ motherland? Steer clear of visiting places where you have ancestral connections.

On the flip side, if you think the honeymoon is way too much alone time with the new hubby? Visit somewhere where you know you have friends and relatives to party, relax and adventure with.

As much as we don’t want to admit, this is one of the big ones. How much money do you want to spend as your first few weeks as man and wife?

If you’re after a romantic getaway on a budget, there are plenty of amazing places right on your door step.

Consider exploring your own country before heading overseas. Suss out local boutique hotels, coastal resorts and countryside cottages. You could also go all out and hire a campervan. With a loved up vibe, you’ll definitely have a different feeling about those places so close to home.

A 14-hour flight after a year or so of wedding planning and a long day of partying isn’t always ideal. If you are considering a honeymoon in a land far, far away, have a few days of down time before jumping on a plane! Allow yourself the time to unwind after one of the most exhausting events ever.

Adventure, Party or Relax?
Are you into outdoor activities, wild open air nightclubs, quaint beaches or historic architecture? All the above? Sit down with your partner and discuss what you are both interested in seeing and experiencing.

Our Cheat Sheet
If museums, historic buildings, shopping and fine dining are your thing? Consider a city escape to somewhere like Paris, New York or Milan.

If you’re more into a beach getaway/island party, look into the islands of the Mediterranean, Caribbean and South Pacific.

For the thrill seekers and explorers, check out the likes of Mexico, New Zealand and Africa.

And if you feel like doing absolutely nothing? Jump on a boat! We’re serious! A cruise is fully catered and serviced giving you a lot of time for a little R&R.


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