To say that we love social media would be an understatement. It’s the place we get our style inspiration (Olivia Palermo, amiright?), dinner ideas, celebrity goss and how we keep in touch with our besties and stalk ex-boyfriends.

However, there’s a time and place for social media and you may not want your guests posting, tagging and snapping throughout your wedding. So, how do you place a blanket ban on social without your guests wanting the ‘defriend’ you?

1. Give Plenty of Warning

Don’t surprise your guests by sending your cronies to confiscate mobile phones during the ceremony. The key is to make it clear on the wedding invite that you’re looking to have a private wedding, so would appreciate guests leave their smart phones securely in their handbags.

2. Have Reminders

At the reception, consider having small reminders printed on a chalkboard or in a frame. Think of a cute quote to include like ‘Please take memories, not photos’ – being coy will stop you from sounding like a nagging high-school teacher.

3. Get a Snappy Photographer

Ask your photographer whether they can turnaround the images quicker than usual. That way, you can let your guests know that they’ll be sent a few images from the wedding less than a week after (that will sate Grandma’s concern that she won’t have any pics to show her friends at the nursing home).


Image from Wonderlande via Flickr

4. Have a Landline

If you want a blanket ‘no-mobile phone’ rule, then having a landline available is a must. Some guests may have babysitters and kids that they need to check-in on throughout the night.

5. Have a Photo-booth

If you’re anti-social <media>, then an old school photo-booth, which prints the images polaroid-style, is a great option. Simply ask the photo-booth supplier to remove the social media share option from their machines and get snapping like it’s 1993!

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