How Couples Are Feeling Right Now Australia Wide

By now we are all feeling the effects of the uninvited guest, otherwise known as COVID! In particular, those couples who are wanting so badly to get married but have had to postpone, sometimes more than once. COVID has way overstayed its welcome and the effects are being felt Australia wide.

In our Wedded Wonderful Facebook group, a community dedicated to all things Wedding, where couples can ask questions, connect, and share advice with others, couples have been expressing their feelings during these uncertain times.

When it comes to postponing due to COVID restrictions, many couples have had to post-pone more than once and the general feeling is that they are simply fed up and just want to get on with their lives.

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One Bride to be wanted to celebrate with all her loved ones and postponed her wedding, only to regret it and she shared why.

Marie-Rose wrote “the biggest mistake I made was postpone the first time. Why put your life on hold for something we can’t control and don’t know when it will end? Don’t forget the real reason, and overall purpose of the wedding day and that’s walking down the aisle. I would rather not dance than put my life on hold, at least we can still have a lovely night with our loved ones. And I feel like this is the new way of weddings and life, everything has changed and it won’t go back to normal until god knows when. I’m getting married in 17 days after postponing in March and I promise you the excitement comes back. I’ve never been so happy in my life than I am right now! It has been the best thing for my relationship as we have never been stronger after all the bullshit and we are so excited for our big day regardless of restrictions.”

Another Bride to be, Claudia Depas expressed a similar sentiment, “We have already postponed once (from April this year) and we don’t want to postpone our lives together when we have no idea when this will end.”

When it comes to the dancing restrictions couples are finding the rules plain confusing! While dancing is allowed at school formals, it continues to be banned at weddings.

“It seems completely unfair that formals get to have dancing for their one in a lifetime event, but what about our one in a lifetime event?” expressed Sarah Brienesse.

“There is no sense behind this!!! We aren’t asking for 400 people on the dance floor! At least give us something! ” wrote Claudia Lee.

Moreso, there seems to be a lack of communication and roadmap surrounding weddings, which couples are feeling more than ever. “They’ve promised fortnightly and monthly reviews for so long now and we’ve had NOTHING,” wrote Grace Nehme.

It is clear that feelings of frustration are being felt all around and couples simply want to celebrate and move on with their lives! A roadmap and an announcement from the state government directed at the wedding industry is necessary so couples can plan ahead without stress. If you want to share your feelings and connect with other couples in your situation, head to our Facebook group.

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