Heels or no heels?

Tall, dark and handsome. Thanks to our favourite Disney fairy tales, it’s what we’re all programmed to look for in a man. But what if we meet someone who is handsome but he’s not tall? Should we give him the flick? Or if someone who is dark and handsome but doesn’t tower over us when we’re in our sky-high heels? Does he not make the cut? Hell yes he does! True love doesn’t exist only when he’s 33.2cm taller than you.

But the question is, once you’ve found your Prince Charming (who is nowhere near the height of Prince Charming), do you lock away all your favourite heels out of fear you’ll appear taller than him in public? And on an occasion like your wedding day where you’ll be photographed side by side, is it okay to wear heels and tower over him?

The truth is, there’s no wrong or right answer. It completely depends on the couple.

If your man is happy to have you tower over him like a Russian supermodel, great! But if he’s self-conscious that he’s shorter than you and feels like less of a man because of it? Then it’s time to re-consider those 8-inch-heels.

We’ve put together some handy tips for avoiding looking and feeling awkward on your big day due to a height difference.

DON’T go out and buy the highest heels that exist. Even if it’s not a huge deal that you’re taller than him, there’s no need to over- exaggerate the fact that you are.

DO consider taking shots where you’re both sitting down rather than standing side by side or back to back. For example, you could be on his lap or be sitting together on a beautiful park bench.

DON’T try to hide the fact that he’s shorter by making him stand 10 steps behind you on an angle so he appears taller. Or any other photo trickery for that matter.

DO wear flats or lower heels for the ceremony and the photos but change into your higher heels for the reception or after party.

DON’T feel like you HAVE to wear flats or lower heels just to make him happy. In an ideal world, your man should feel confident next to you no matter how tall you are.

DO talk to him and ask if it’s something he’s concerned about. If he’s not concerned, and neither are you then wear whatever you like!

And think of it this way, if you do choose to ditch the heels and wear something more on the comfortable side? You’ll reduce the risk of falling or having a high heel induced accident, won’t risk painful feet and be on the dance floor for longer. Sounds pretty good if you ask us!

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