There are some special occasions that require champagne, and others that call for fine wine. Some celebrations call for cocktails and canapes, while others need only the humble pizza and cold brew.

But there are some moments in life that call for the only truly foolproof way to celebrate – chocolate. If you’ve never made a chocolate grazing platter, then I highly recommend putting one together for your next event. This also makes a great edible centerpiece when styled with floral accents.

Head straight to the confectionery aisle at your local grocer, and load up on your favourite chocolate flavours. Don’t be afraid, you can do no wrong!

Mix it up, or keep it themed. Go for dark, white, milky and nutty, and throw in a little dried fruit for good measure. Pick up a selection of your favourite berries and layer that chocolatey goodness with some luscious fruit. And there you have it – minimal effort, maximum impact!

Viola Marie Doyle is a Sydney based writer, cake decorator, food enthusiast and frequent jet setter. Former  Editorial Consultant of The Journal Magazine Australia and current Editor of Project Sweet Stuff, Viola now relishes the opportunity to explore the little curiosities that she defines as the sweet life. Follow Viola on Instagram @violamariedoyle

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