Ghosting? Breadcrumbing? We Decode Millennial Dating Terms

As someone who falls under the Millennial bracket (it’s a big bracket, okay?) I can tell you with 100 per cent confidence that I hadn’t even heard of half these terms before.

Except Ghosting – that’s the original arrow to the heart of the Millennial era.

While dating has always been a little tricky, it’s safe to say that dating in the Millennial era is a minefield thanks to social media and technology.


So ladies (and fellas), we’re taking this journey into the weird and wonderful world of young-speak together.

Just remember: The only Breadcrumbs you need are the ones on an apple crumble.


“Put me in, Coach!”

Benching refers to stringing a person along even though you’re not interested, putting in very little effort but still leaving them waiting – or “on the bench” – as you think they may have potential.


The Hansel and Gretel move.

Breadcrumbing involves sending a minimal amount of texts, just enough to make someone think you’re still interested. It differs from Benching as Breadcrumbing can be used when you’re trying to get out of a commitment. It’s the drawn-out cousin of Ghosting.


“That’s not what your Tinder profile says.”

Catfishing gained mainstream popularity with the film and TV show of the same name. It refers to lying about your identity online when trying to woo someone into a romantic relationship.


Cuffing Season

Your winter blanket.

Cuffing season refers to the time of year, generally winter, when a person decides they don’t want to be single and look for a significant other as the colder months set in.


The new shut down.

To Curve someone is to reject their advances. This can either be directly as they approach you, or after you’ve been talking for a while and you continually shut down their requests for dates.

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A safety blanket move.

Cushioning is the act of flirting with other people while you’re actually in a relationship. If you ever break up, cushioning means you have options available.


Otherwise known as “The Talk.”

DTR stands for Define The Relationship and is what happens when you’ve been sailing through the relationship grey area for too long.


The King of Millennial Dating Terms.

Ghosting is the original bad boy. It refers to the disappearing act people pull when they want to leave a relationship or potential relationship. If being dumped wasn’t bad enough, Ghosting takes it to new levels as it gives absolutely no explanation.

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The illegitimate child of Ghosting.

Haunting refers to when a Ghoster suddenly begins liking your posts on social media, watching your stories, or even following you again.


Do not disturb.

Mooning can come off as extremely heartless as it takes its inspiration from the iPhone’s Do Not Disturb mode. By Mooning someone, you are muting and ignoring any notification from them. In fairness, it can be handy for obsessive texters.


“I ship them so hard.”

Shipping might just be the most positive thing on this list. To ship others is to hope they form a relationship, like your favourite characters in a TV show.

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Like the first half of My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

Stashing is when you hide a romantic partner from your friends and family, sometimes because it’s not a serious relationship, other times because they may not approve.


We don’t all live in a Yellow Submarine.

Submarining is basically Haunting’s sibling, in that it refers to talking to someone again after Ghosting them.


Curvin’ and swervin’.

Swerving is essentially Curving, as it involves flat out rejecting someone’s advances.


We don’t mean for water.

Thirsty refers to desperately wanting something, generally attention or sex. Calling someone thirsty is usually negative.



Navigating through the static.

Tuning refers to mutual flirtation and trying to find out more about the person to see if either is interested in pursuing something.


The other undead cousin of Ghosting.

Zombieing is similar to Haunting and Submarining, in that it refers to someone popping up once again after their initial Ghosting. The tiny difference is that Zombieing occurs less frequently than the former two.

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