It’s the issue that affects 99% of all Brides; our ideas and vision is huge, but our budget is not. The good news is that there are a number of insider hacks and shortcuts that will save you a motzah – meaning you can afford to spend big on that couture gown!

1. Tune the Guest List

Shortening the guest list is the quickest and simplest way to save big dollars. Wedding planners recommend categorising every guest as an A-list, B-List and C-list guest. A-List are the ones that are necessary, B-List are close friends and C-List are distant relatives and acquaintances. Then, negotiate with the Groom on which C-List guests can be removed from the list.

2. The Favours

Wedding favours can quickly go from a sweet ‘thank you’ to being an expensive OTT gift. Keep the costs down by offering candy bar tables as the favours – that way your killing two birds with one stone! Guests can indulge on lollies and chocolates throughout the Wedding night and then fill a beautiful bag with their favourite treats to take home.

3. Hire a Wedding Planner

Many Brides still think that hiring a Wedding Planner has to be an expensive option, but they can often save you money on suppliers, while saving you endless stress and hours of your time.

4. Ask for Estimates

Before you choose your suppliers, ask for cost estimates so that you don’t get any pre-Wedding surprises. Although the estimates can change depending on your final choices, by having your estimates in writing, you can at least have a starting point for negotiations.

5. Look for Alternative Venues

It may require more effort, but finding a venue that doesn’t make you use their preferred catering company means you’ll have more flexibility when it comes to designing a menu. If you can also book a venue that requires you bringing your own alcohol, it means you can purchase your own at bulk (which means loads of discounts!).

Main image from Zoe and Matthew’s wedding. Photography by The White Tree.

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