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Over the past few years, we’ve seen this duo travel the world, get engaged and walk down the aisle – all from the perspective of photographer, Murad Osmann who holds the hand of his <now> wife Nataly. Here are 33 of the most exotic and breath-taking locations they’ve visited.

1. Hong Kong33

2. The Kremlin, Moscow32

3. Abu Dhabi, UAE1

4. Brooklyn Bridge, New York City2

5. The Amazon, Brazil3

6. Baku, Azerbaijan4

7. Berlin, Germany5

8. The Dead Sea, Jordan6

9. Bali, Indonesia7

10. Hollywood, USA8

11. Jordan9

12. Jaipur, India10

13. Ibiza11

14. Iguazu Waterfalls, Brazil12

15. India13

16. The Maldives14

17. Manhattan, New York City15

18. Napa Valley, USA16

19. New Delhi, India17

20. London, UK18

21. Nice, France19

22. San Francisco, USA20

23. Singapore21

24. Hotel Praktik Rambla, Barcelona22

25. Petra, Jordan23

26. Paris, France24

27. Piazza Duomo, Milan25

28. Taj Mahal, India26

29. Jordan 27

30. Venice, Italy28

31. Udaipur, India29

32. Hong Kong Global Geopark, Hong Kong30

33. Sochi, Russia31

All images sourced from @muradosmann.

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