In true Australian style, Fiona and Tom met at an AFL game over 13 years ago. Their paths crossed many times over the years through a circle of friends who shared a love for rugby and partying. Many years later, some might say it was unexpected or a pleasant surprise, but through clubbing, badminton, bocce, picnics, road trips and countless hours laughing on the couch… they fell in love. And the rest is history!

 Tom’s spontaneous proposal came during an amazing trip around India and Thailand. Sharing the special moment, Tom told Wedded Wonderland, “For Fi’s 28th Birthday I gave her a harmonica which I went on to lose that same night. Something she has never let me live down. As we approached our trip to India and Thailand, I invested in a replacement. Secretly packing it into my luggage as we headed on our trip, in typical fashion I was completely disorganised. After travelling all the way through India and managing not to lose it, we celebrated with a beautiful dinner on the beach on our last night in Thailand. As we arrived back at our bungalow, I felt it was the perfect moment to surprise Fi with the harmonica engraved with ‘Will you marry me’. That excited call home from Fi is still one of my favourite moments.” Ah, so sweet!

Fiona and Tom’s wedding was a true reflection of their relaxed, fun lifestyle. The theme for the day was Seaside Mediterranean, with bright blooms, wooden textures and white decor building the overall romantic seaside aesthetic. One unique addition to their special day, in line with the Mediterranean theme, was having a donkey welcome their guests on arrival. However, because of the rain she did not want to perform and would not walk from the car park to the venue – bringing meaning to the saying ‘stubborn as a mule!’

Overall, reflecting back on their special day, the couple fondly told Wedded Wonderland, “Being in a room full of all the people you love is one of the most amazing feelings you will ever experience. To know that they are all there to share this day with you is so special. The laughter and smiles that filled the room is something we will remember for a lifetime.”

Be inspired, Fairies!

Photographer Steve and Sally Photography


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