Everything You Need To Know To Make Your Wedding Go Off With A Bang

You might see the sparks between you and your future bride or groom, but can everyone else? Fireworks and pyrotechnics have become increasingly popular at weddings and for good reason – they’re bright, eye-catching, and bring on a heart-racing excitement.

People have always been fascinated by the bright lights of fireworks – just a quick look at our amazing New Year’s Eve show will tell you everything you need to know – which is why they make the perfect addition to weddings.

Whether for a memorable entry, heart-warming dance, or final send-off, fireworks are definitely an option to consider if you’re looking to add some more excitement to your big day.

We spoke to Fred Sari from Sydney Fireworks and Pyrotechnics for an insider’s look into the world of wedding fireworks. Fred and the team have been adding dynamic flair to weddings and events since 2013 and have led the way with state-of-the-art technology that takes their work to the next level. You can catch Sydney Fireworks and Pyrotechnics at The Bridal Bazaar on June 12th – grab your tickets now for Australia’s Most Luxurious Bridal Market.

What is the most popular display that couples choose?

Indoor fireworks are definitely number one, mainly due to the cost factor. For a budget of around $1,000, we can cover Entry, Cake Cutting, and Bridal Waltz, but for the Outdoor show you really need a budget of 8k-10k. The problem with outdoor shows is that most couples want to do the fireworks at the end of the night when 80% of their guests have already left. We suggest doing the outdoor show before the bridal waltz so that all of your guests can enjoy the special moment.

Are fireworks at weddings specific to any cultures?

At the moment, I would say every culture uses fireworks and pyrotechnics. Before, it used to be mainly Middle Eastern/European weddings, but in last 12 months we have been involved in so many weddings and occasions from all different cultural backgrounds.  We educate all of our couples about what we are providing and the kind of moments we want to create.  In other words, we add the “WOW” factor.

What happens to outdoor displays if there are strong winds or heavy rain? Are there backup options?

Thankfully we’ve never had to cancel any outdoor shows, but there have been some which we’ve almost had to cancel.  We monitor the weather and keep our couples in the loop throughout the week of the wedding, so if there is a high risk of cancellation we will let the couple know immediately and offer an indoor package. If the weather happens to change on the day, we will wait for the weather to improve and fire at a later time. This all comes down to planning and always communicating with our couples.

What are some other options for couples who don’t want to use the traditional sparkler?

We love fireworks, obviously. In the last 18 months, we introduced a new technology called Sparkular (Electric Fireworks – Safe/No Smell/No Smoke) which has really changed the wedding market. We were the first company in the world to introduce the system to weddings and we have created some really amazing moments. Confetti is also really popular. We custom load with whatever the couple requires and C02 entry, which is similar to the dry ice effect, except it is shot into the air. We are always working on new and innovative ideas to introduce into the wedding market.

Cover Image by Steve White Images via @whitey22

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