4 Ways To Make Your Engagement Ring Look Bigger

You’ll no doubt love your engagement ring, whether you choose it yourself or your fiancé decides to surprise you – after all, it’s as beautiful as the love that it symbolises. But that doesn’t mean you might not want it to look a little bigger.

There’s no shame in it! We’re constantly inundated with images of celebrity engagement rings that look larger than life, so it makes sense that we might want to draw a bit of inspiration from them (minus the price tag).

We asked master jeweller at Diamond World Fine Jewellery, Jim Chohaili, for some tips and tricks on how to make your engagement ring look bigger. Turns out, it’s surprisingly simpler than expected and it won’t hurt your bank (depending on just how far you want to go).

So, let us know, Fairies: Is bigger actually better?

An Illusion Setting

Just like its name, the illusion setting of an engagement ring gives your ring the appearance of being bigger. This is accomplished by setting the girdle of the diamond within a ring of metal. By combining the two, the ring automatically looks larger than what the diamond really is, but don’t worry – your finger won’t bear the weight, and neither will your wallet. You’ll feel just like a regular Houdini.

illusion diamond engagement ring

Diamond World Fine Jewellery

A Halo Setting

Perhaps one of the most popular ways to make your ring look bigger is by choosing a halo setting. It’s a style which Diamond World Fine Jewellery see often and for good reason – it’s gorgeous. A halo setting involves a row of diamonds that surround the centre stone and give off the appearance of being larger. Halo settings also don’t need to be expensive, as the diamonds in the band are often far less expensive than the main stone.

halo diamond engagement ring

Diamond World Fine Jewellery

A Double Halo Setting

What’s better than one halo? Two halos! Just like that Double Rainbow guy, you’ll be in awe of this eye-catching setting. A double halo setting is très glamour as it features two rows of sparkly diamonds that surround the centre stone. This not only creates a larger than life look, but also intensifies the sparkle of the ring so don’t be surprised when people continually stare at the rock on your finger.

double halo diamond engagement ring

Diamond World Fine Jewellery

A Thin Top Band And Slim Claw

A simple way to make your diamond look bigger is by making everything else smaller. So, if you don’t mind having a thin band, choose one with fine diamonds that won’t take away from the main stone. You can also play with perspective by choosing slender claws over larger claws, avoiding any attention being taken away from the star diamond.

two slim band diamond engagement rings

Diamond World Fine Jewellery

Diamond World Fine Jewellery are experts in crafting the perfect, custom-made piece for life’s special moments. Visit www.diamondworldfinejewellery.com.au now to book your complimentary one-on-one consultation with Master Craftsman, Jim Chohaili.

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