Everything To Include In Your Bridal Shower Invitations

Bridal shower invitations can create the first impression of your big day! They capture the theme of the event and provide guests with a little sneak-peek overview of the wedding, whilst honouring the bride-to-be. So here’s what you should be including in your bridal shower invitation.

Guest’s Name

It is important to give your invitations a personalised feeling, as it makes the guests feel taken care of, as well as assists in creating a sense of sentimental value. Whether it is printed on each individual invitation, or calligraphed on the envelope, it is always nice to acknowledge each guest’s appearance separately.


The location needs to be in a font that the guests will be able to read with no difficulty. Additionally, make sure you have the absolute tick of approval from your venue before you have your invitations printed.


It is also crucial that the date is spelled out, rather than printed with numerals. For example, instead of 1-2-2020, use February the 1st, 2020 or Sunday the 1st of February, 2020. Make sure the font used is legible, just like the location. The date should be suitable for you, but also your guests. Make sure your bridal shower does not take place on the same date as another event that someone close to you may need to attend.


The above-mentioned advice applies for the printing of the time, however, when it comes to time, make sure you have picked one that is appropriate to your bridal schedule. Many brides attempt to be selfless and plan their bridal shower according to everyone else’s timetables. While that is a sweet gesture, it is easier to give plenty of notice and do things at your own pace, rather than pick a time that will suit everyone else last minute.


You’d be surprised at how many people forget this very important detail! Include the name of the person guests should contact to confirm their attendance, as well as a phone number or email address. And to rest assured that you have enough food and beverages, make sure you include an RSVP-by date so you can get a head start on the planning.

The Name Of The Host Or Hosts

While the traditional bridal shower is a female-only event, co-hosted events are becoming more and more popular. Including your groom in the event is a sweet gesture, however, it is important to consider the significant increase it will cause to the number of guests you have. Make sure the invite states very clearly if the bridal shower is for you only, or if you are hosting it as a couple.

Gift Registry

There are two ways to include the bride’s registry on the invitation. The first is by directing guests to the couple’s wedding website: “For registry information, please visit [insert website here].” The other option is to simply name the stores the bride and groom are registered at: “[Name] is registered at David Jones and Bed Bath & Beyond.” Make sure you have set up your registry before the invitations are sent, to avoid inconvenience.

Dress Code

The design of your invitation usually sets the tone of your event, however, it is still extremely important that you clearly state what attire your guests should wear, to avoid awkwardness. Options vary from dress to impress, formal, semi-formal, smart casual or casual and they are usually the best phrases to assist your guests.

Written by: Zoe Kanlis

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