5 Things No-One Tells You About Organising an Engagement Party

You’ve just been proposed to and it’s on to planning the engagement party. Congrats! But before you get started, save this set of essential details most people will fail to mention when it comes to pulling off the perfect engagement party.

1. Ignore timelines

Of course it’s important to stay prepared and organised, but on the day of your engagement party avoid looking at the clock and just enjoy yourself. Allow a family member or friend to take the lead and notify everyone when it’s ‘time to eat’ or ‘time for speeches’, so you’re not left stressing over the necessities.

2. Your mum might splurge!

This means you need to ensure no heated arguments occur before the party as a dampener. If you’re paying, keep her in the loop about a budget, and let her have fun — her daughter is getting married! Keep in mind she only wants what’s best for you regardless of the excessive decorations and crazy ideas.

3. Your imagination will run wild

Let’s be real. Our imagination can run a little wild when planning these types of events, especially when it’s your own. If you’re envisioning something along the lines of Kris Jenner’s 60th Birthday bash, then perhaps reconsider something aligned more realistically with your budget and family style.

engagement party planning

4. Things can get confusing

Especially if you have a number of activities planned for throughout the day. It’ll come in handy to have a planner or someone you rely on to make sure the day runs smoothly and according to schedule if it’s a large party.

5. It’s easy to over spend

Times like these require a lot of planning and of course, budgeting. It’s not fun but trust us, it helps! Also remember that your engagement party is one of the first but many expenses related to your wedding.


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