The Engagement Ring Trends You Need to Know

We spoke with one of Australia’s leading Jewellers, Cerrone to get on top of the Engagement Ring trends for 2022. 

Enjoy, Fairies! 

In a post-covid era (we hope) of Weddings, what do you think has changed most in Couples’ decisions around Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands?

Nothing has changed really, in fact, even during the last few months clients were contacting the boutiques as to how they could arrange their engagement ring. We conducted Zoom meetings and emails back and forth to make it happen for our clients.

Are there any particular trends you see standing out for 2022 you would like Couples to be aware of? 

A continuing trend is Rose Gold. A rose gold engagement ring or Wedding band. The two-tone adds warmth to your rings. Even men are opting for rose gold wedding bands.

engagement ring trend

What is your business doing in gearing up for 2022 Weddings?

We are turning 50 in 2022. We are celebrating all through the year, lots of social activities planned.

What piece of advice can you offer Couples in planning their Wedding for 2022?

Organise your Wedding bands early in your plans. Don’t leave them to the last minute. Wedding rings are forever.

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