Easter DIY: The Modern Approach to Egg Decorating!

It’s that time of year again, Easter is here and we’re keen to celebrate with a little DIY decorating. But before you think dated dyes and daggy eggs, check out the coolest creations we found across the net.

While the traditional way of dyeing with vinegar may have worked in your parents home, you want something fun, festive, yet still stylish for your modern space. Check out these contemporary egg decorating ideas that will inspire.

White Accents

A white sharpie pen can do wonders when creating a stenciling touch to your eggs. Add some simple patterns but also be extremely creative!

Image via Butzke

Monochromatic Life

Life isn’t always dull with black and white. These modern approaches to decorating might be what you’re after – add some stripes here and some polka dots there. The world is your eggshell, literally!

Image via Country Living


Gold Luxe

The luxury lifestyle, gold leaf is a glamorous effect when decorating your eggs. Go glam by adding glitter in order to get a bowl filled with pretty! Get the look down pat with a tutorial by Sugar and Charm.

Image via Country Living


Marble Mayhem

Everyone loves the marble effect – and some indigo nail polish might just be the trick. The end result is beautiful and a contemporary way to accessorise your Easter. For a fabulous marbled egg tutorial, check out Alice and Lois.

Image via Today


Other Fabulous Ideas

Set a fun tone for your Easter gathering with an unforgettable, easy-to-make centrepiece. Give your eggshells a festive update by shaping them into tealight holders. Arranged with succulent plants and miniature feathers, this collection is a natural Easter centrepiece.

Image via Suche.aol

Yum! These delicious bunny shaped biscuits are perfect for children. Find a variety of sweet seasonal treats for your Easter celebration with Fondant Favours.

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