Did You Know? Pia Wurtzbach’s Wedding Gown Features a High Slit Because of Jeremy Jauncey

While most brides have complete control over their wedding gowns, Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach goes against the grain and favoured the expertise of her designer friend and the creative input of her now-husband, Jeremy Jauncey. Below, we take a closer look at Pia’s stunning wedding gown and how it came to be.

All the details of Pia Wurtzbach’s Stunning Lace Wedding Gown

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Pia Wurtzbach’s wedding dress was meticulously crafted by Filipino designer Bessie Besana (who is also a close friend of the beauty queen). On Instagram, the designer shared that “[Pia] asked Jeremy about how he envisions his bride as she “walks down the aisle.” He continues to reveal that Jeremy saw Pia wearing a “classic corseted bodice with a soft texture and a slit.” Upon this revelation, Pia then turned to her friend’s expert opinion if a slit is appropriate for a wedding gown. “I told her that in this day and age, and with their ceremony to be held on a beach, we can definitely include a slit in the dress,” Bessie assured the bride.

Photo by @nelwinuyphoto

Bessie then created Pia’s wedding dress using soft Chantilly lace and lined it with skin tone shade to appear more delicate and ethereal. “I was also inspired by Pia’s idea of soft movements and found a three-dimensional petal detail which was attached individually to the dress,” Bessie shares. “The asymmetrical pattern moving upward is my personal interpretation of how life has brought Pia through many challenges and eventually found his forever with Jeremy. The dress also features a play on the back skirt with panels, godet and appliqués. As a request, Pia wanted a sleek skirt silhouette in the front but with a bit of drama at the back.”

 Who is Bessie Besana, Pia Wurtzbach’s wedding gown designer

Photo from Bessie Besana

Bessie Besana, a former civil engineer turned renowned fashion designer, has made a name for himself in the worlds of pageantry and couture. Collaborating with top beauty pageant contestants and celebrities, Bessie’s expertise in couture and wedding designs has garnered international acclaim. From his beginnings in the Philippines to his current base in New York, Bessie’s discerning eye and passion for fashion continue to shine, solidifying his position as a sought-after designer in the global fashion scene.

How did Pia Wurtzbach turn to Bessie Besana to create her wedding gown?

In an Instagram post, the Filipino designer revealed that last November 2022, the beauty queen invited her for breakfast while they were both in New York. Over croissants, Pia asked him, “I really wanted a friend to make my wedding dress and I was hoping it would be you…I want it to be done by a friend and you know me so much and I want you to be a part of my wedding.” How sweet!

Photo by @nelwinuyphoto
Photo from Pia Wurtzbach

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