Everything You Need to Know About North Island, Seychelles Where Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach Got Married

Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach finally tied the knot with businessman and internet personality Jeremy Jauncey! The couple forwent throwing elaborate nuptials and instead splurged on a private island in Seychelles to exchange their vows. With only three witnesses in tow, they had North Island, Seychelles all to themselves and basked in newly-wedded bliss.

Now, if you’re thinking of saying “I do” on a private island like Pia and Jeremy, we collated everything you need to know to pull it off!

What is Special About North Island, Seychelles?

Photo from live.north
Photo from Pia Wurtzbach

North Island is more than a luxurious destination; it’s a sanctuary where opulence intertwines with conservation efforts. The secluded private island boasts of pristine natural beauty and lush landscapes,  which creates an idyllic backdrop for weddings. It is also peaceful and quiet and thus offers an exclusive experience that stirs the soul.

With a history dating back to the first recorded landing by seafarers, North Island has witnessed a remarkable journey of evolution. Once a plantation for fruits and spices, the island faced challenges posed by invasive species. However, a visionary decision in 1997 set forth a mission to restore North Island to its former glory. Guided by a commitment to successful conservation practices, the island stands today as a testament to the harmony between luxury and environmental stewardship, as eloquently depicted on the North Island’s official website.

How to organise an intimate wedding in North Island, Seychelles

Photo from Pia Wurtzbach

Imagine exchanging vows on a secluded beach, where ivory sands meet the azure waters of the Indian Ocean, surrounded by the lush tropical landscapes of North Island. Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach and her intimate wedding unfolded in this enchanting setting, capturing the essence of love, beauty, and serenity.

Photo from Pia Wurtzbach

North Island offers couples the freedom to design their dream wedding. Gone are the days of standard “wedding packages.” Instead, personalized experiences are crafted to meet each couple’s desires, ensuring a unique and unforgettable celebration. Whether an elegant affair with loved ones or an intimate gathering for the couple, North Island provides the perfect canvas to paint cherished memories.

Indulge in a sunset cocktail reception at the ethereal West Beach or savor a Michelin-star dining experience in the seclusion of your private villa. For the ultimate exclusivity, reserve the entire island and revel in an after-party that transcends imagination. Every detail is meticulously tailored to reflect your vision, ensuring a wedding celebration that speaks to your love story.

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