Catering to Your Pregnant Bridesmaids

All bridesmaids should be considered and taken care of, after all they are the fairy god mothers on the big day! However, it’s a good idea to take that extra step to cater to pregnant bridesmaids, to ensure their comfort and enjoyment at the wedding.

Here are some great tips to ensure they have a pleasant experience!

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Open Communication

Have a conversation with your pregnant bridesmaid(s) to understand their needs, concerns, and any specific accommodations they may require. Try to make them feel comfortable discussing their pregnancy-related preferences.


Plan the wedding schedule with breaks and downtime to allow pregnant bridesmaids to rest if needed. Avoid overly long ceremonies or receptions that may be physically taxing.

Hydration and Snacks

Very important! Keep water and non-alcoholic beverages readily available. Provide a variety of snacks to keep energy levels up throughout the day.

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Rest Areas

Designate a quiet and comfortable space where pregnant bridesmaids can take breaks, relax, or sit down if necessary. Make sure it’s easily accessible.


There’s nothing worse than uncomfortable shoes that are impossible to walk in, especially when your pregnant! Be flexible with bridesmaid attire and footwear. Allow your pregnant bridesmaids to wear comfortable shoes that provide adequate support.

Temperature Control

Ensure that the wedding venue is climate-controlled to keep everyone comfortable. Consider fans, heaters, or blankets depending on the season.

Accessible Restrooms

Pregnant women are notorious for making frequent bathroom visits, so ensure that restrooms are easily accessible and equipped with the necessary facilities.

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Dress Considerations

Choose bridesmaid dresses that are comfortable and flattering for pregnant bridesmaids. Consider maternity styles or flowy designs that accommodate a growing bump. You want your bridesmaids to feel their absolute best on your special day.


Arrange transportation that is easy for pregnant bridesmaids to access, especially if the wedding involves multiple venues or locations.

Dietary Needs

Check with pregnant bridesmaids regarding their dietary restrictions and preferences. Ensure there are suitable food options at the reception.

Personal Assistance

If needed, designate a point person, such as a close friend or family member, to assist the pregnant bridesmaid(s) throughout the day.

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Photography Considerations

Inform the photographer about the pregnancy so they can be mindful of posing and timing, allowing for breaks as needed.

Remember that every pregnancy is unique, so it’s essential to be flexible and adaptable to the specific needs and comfort level of your pregnant bridesmaid(s). Their comfort and well-being are a priority, and your consideration will make the wedding day a more enjoyable experience for everyone involved!

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