Budget Hacks for the Healthy Bride

When we think of our wedding day we think perfection. We dream of a dress that would make Carrie Bradshaw jealous, decorations to die for, and of course – at least in your eyes – the world’s most perfect husband.

What we don’t think about (sometimes completely avoid!) is the life admin surrounding the big day. We’re talking about things such as: managing the budget, opening joint bank accounts, dealing with post-honeymoon debt, and even updating or taking out health insurance.

What does health insurance have to do with my wedding?

Whenever your life stage changes, so should your health insurance, and getting married is a pretty big milestone! Before you start stressing out about where you’re going to find the extra money for insurance, we’ve sourced the planning tips from iSelect spokesperson Laura Crowden.

“You need to get on the front foot and find savings wherever they’re available, and any savings on health insurance means more money to spend on the honeymoon!” says Crowden

Here are her simple steps to reviewing or setting up your health insurance policy to ensure you’re covered at every stage of married life.

The Pre-Wedding Gym Blitz

Make sure you’re properly covered if something goes wrong during your pre-wedding gym blitz. If you’re injury-prone, have a look at what your plan covers you for, and ensure your policy includes ambulance cover or you could be left significantly out-of-pocket if you lose in a battle with the treadmill.  HINT: many extras policies help pay for gym memberships.

The Post-Wedding Baby Planning

If you’re planning on having kids after you’re wedding, it’s time to thinking about pregnancy cover.  You need to be covered for pregnancy 12 months before you can claim, which means you need to take out or upgrade your policy in advance. Check with your fund when you’re expecting to see when you need to add the baby to a family policy as some may require this before the baby is born.

Is it best to part ways?

You might be planning to stay together forever, but that doesn’t mean your private health insurance policy needs to. A married couple could save money and find more tailored coverage by having separate health cover. For example, you could save by having two singles policies if there are different health needs between you and your partner such as: a woman needing obstetrics/pregnancy cover.

Keep these planning tips in mind and you’ll be winning at private health insurance at every stage of your married life.


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