The Supermodel Approved Trick to Personalising Your Wedding

You can’t see it, and you can’t touch it, but it’s a powerful trick to personalising you wedding day. A signature scent is a fun and fashionable addition to your wedding that can help create mood, enhance feeling, and nurture memories.

Scent connection in the mind is said to be so strong that once you have a link between a moment and a smell it’s hard to change it, which is why you experience memories – and the emotions associated with them – so clearly when you smell something familiar.

It’s a feeling English model Poppy Delevingne knows all about. The Jo Malone London Girl shared some special memories about meeting her husband for the first time with Fiona Pereira, National Education and Training Manager at Jo Malone London (Australia).

“Her signature scent for a long time was Red Roses, so when she met her future husband and realised he was wearing Jo Malone London cologne Amber and Lavender, she took it as a good omen!” says Pereira.

For her wedding day, Delevingne chose Orange Blossom as the day’s scent. It’s a traditional fragrance of weddings that symbolises happiness in marriage.

“We scented the Kensington Orangery with Orange Blossom candles and diffusers, and I wore the cologne. The bottle sits happily on my bedside table; I won’t let it out of my sight. I put some on last week and had butterflies for the rest of the day,” says Delevingne.

For a romantic touch, Pereira suggests choosing wedding day scents for the bride and groom that complement one another. “Our Jo Malone stylists often find that while a bride chooses something opulent and floral, the groom will choose a scent that works brilliantly with it such as a vibrant nutmeg and ginger,” she adds.


Jo Malone

Bridal Lace by Jo Malone

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