Bridesmaid Dresses For Dogs Exist, So You Furry Bestie Can Join You On Your Big Day

It’s common for pet owners to be attached to their furry little friends so much so that they even want them at their wedding, well now they can be and still be as stylish as your other guests while they’re at it.

Your Bridesmaids are going to have to watch out because your furry friend could be stealing the spotlight from the bridal party and looking dare we say, much cuter.

Image Via: The posh paw company

The UK based Esty shop the Posh Paws Company created a puppy bridesmaid dress service to help make it easier for your puppy to fit right in at the Wedding, creating custom bridesmaids dress especially for you and your little friend.

The Posh Paws Company create individually handmade pet garments and accessories. Their gowns and wedding range is detailed and intricately thought out, just as your dress would be with plenty of colours to choose from for your special fur baby. The company offers standard sizes and bespoke sizes for our not so standard puppies.

Image Via: The posh paw company

Written By Jamal Mohamad

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