Bride and Prejudice: The Forbidden Weddings Episode 1 Recap

Bride and Prejudice: The Forbidden Weddings follows five deeply in love couples as they decide to make a life-long commitment and get married in the face of opposition from their family and friends.  They’re all eager to show doubtful loved ones how differences in culture, religion, age and sexual preference do not affect their ability to love, but will love conquer all? Stay up to date with our recaps each week to find out.

In the first episode of Bride and Prejudice we’re introduced to three hopeful couples and get to see their proposals.

First off there’s Mariana, 32, a medical equipment sales rep and Donny, 33 an account manager, who met 2 years ago in Thailand while on a holiday – and for them their biggest problem is seeking approving from Mariana’s mum – who does not approve of Donny’s culture.


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We see Donny’s beautiful beach proposal to Mariana and they’re super nervous about breaking the news of their engagement to Mariana’s mum, Nathalia, who is from Russia and does not approve of her daughter’s partner being dark skinned and Indian,instead wanting Mariana to marry a white Australian.

“The thing that hurts the most is that she has an issues with the colour of her grand-kids when we have kids,“ Donny tells the cameras.

While Natalia has always been nice to Donny’s face she’s had conversations with Mariana about his culture and skin colour and her concerns about it. Although nothing has been said to him directly,  he’s ready to address it with her as they break the news of engagement. And in the next episode of Bride and Prejudice we find out her reaction.

Next up there’s  Brad, 20 and Courtney, 18, who have been together for 5 years and the one thing that stands in their way is getting Brad’s mum to accept Courtney, who she hasn’t seen in over 2 years. After Brad proposes to Courtney they get ready to break the news to his mum and Brad is a nervous wreck, telling the cameras “I feel like I’m going to faint, I’m  more anxious about telling my mum than I was proposing to Court, I really want approval from her and want her to be on board with everything.”


Courtney & Brad – Image via

As they arrive at his Brad’s mum’s house Courtney lays low in the car as Brad gets down to break the news to his family.

Sherrie, Brad’s mum tells the cameras  “I met Courtney when she was 13 and she walked past the office where we were  and she looked at us and said “WTF are you looking at”. She is a spoilt brat. When you’re getting lip filler in when you’re 16 it’s a bit too much.They fight a lot, I’ve seen them they used to live with me two years ago they used to have the biggest fights you’ve ever since in your life, slamming doors screaming at each other – me trying to calm them down, I kicked Courtney out of my house I just couldn’t take it anymore it was just too toxic.”

“He is my boy and the last thing I’ll have is some girl taking him away from me, i’ll fight for it,”

Looks like she’s going to be a tough one to break!

As Brad reveals the news to his mum, her immediate reaction is “Why Bradley? That is so stupid. She is 18. NO, no, no!  Why don’t u just travel? Bradley don’t do this, its stupid. I don’t approve I’m not going to say congratulations, you are too young. It’s stupid. It’s a joke.”

Well that didn’t go down too well – as expected!

He then steps out of the room to go outside and bring Courtney in .. and we’ll have to wait til next episode to find out what happens next.

And finally we get to meet Chris and Grant  who met three year ago met at a bar and there was instant chemistry. Chris pops the question during a picnic as they looked over at the harbor and with their engagement set they start planning their dream Wedding – however Chris’s parents are proving to be a huge barrier.

chris-and-grant bride and prejudice

Chris & Grant – Image via


“I’ve never had a conversation with my parents to say that I’m with someone and his name is Grant. I was  raised as a Jehovah’s Witness and my dad was in the army, so having a strict Christian mother and soldier as a father I was raised in a  fairly strict environment. My parents believe homosexuality is a sin.”

Chris’s Mum, Evonne  told the camera’s the fact that Chris is homosexual has caused a division between them and although it has been hard she doesn’t think she’ll ever get over it.

One of the producers  asked her “How does it make you feel knowing your son is gay? To which she replied,  “I feel like my son has died, the one that I knew and loved really well. This Chris I remember growing up I don’t see much of anymore.”

Jeff, Chris’s father told the cameras – “I look at his Facebook page to keep in contact with him, a passive contact, making sure that he is at least still alive. I think homosexuality is absolutely wrong, it makes me sick seeing two men together. I wasn’t happy for about 5 years, I’m still not happy. I would rather not have to look at these photos but they are there so I scroll over them as quickly as I can. I never brought him up to be a homosexual, I never thought it would ever happen to me.”

As Chris heads over to his parents house he tells the cameras although he feels sick to his stomach to have an open honest conversation about his sexuality and relationship with his parents he knows it has to be done.

Stay tuned next week for their reactions.


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