Alternative Diamonds For Unconventional Brides

We know, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. From round halos to pear-shaped cuts, the traditional diamond ring has always reigned supreme. However, as the years go on, some brides are turning to more modern designs and leaving the signature clear diamonds behind.

We’ve gathered some of the best looking alternative rings to inspire our unique soon-to-be brides. Which one is your favourite?

Alternative stones

It doesn’t always have to be about the classic, sparkling rock. For brides who like diamonds that truly stand out, try alternative diamonds like ruby, onyx, and aquamarine. Diamond World have a wide range of rings to appeal to every bride. This natural ruby ring, surrounded by 6-carat diamonds, is perfect for the bride-to-be looking to flash a bit of colour on her finger.


Princess Rings

Wear a ring that shows who you are. Princess rings are a popular alternative to regular diamonds and their unique shape is truly eye-catching. Feel like royalty with one of Diamond World’s elegant Princess rings.

Modern Settings

For brides who don’t want to stick to the typical band and diamond, modern settings like this half halo ring paired with a lace crown ring from Natalie Marie Jewellery, or this sparkly delight from Diamond World are the answer!

Modern Cuts

Step away from the round and pear cuts and open your arms to modern cuts like this triangle cut ring from Diamond World. The sharp style of this ring only makes the diamond sparkle even more!

Diamond World Fine Jewellery are experts in crafting the perfect, custom-made piece for life’s special moments. Visit now to book your complimentary one-on-one consultation with Master Craftsman, Jim Chohaili.

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